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Insights How SNC-Lavalin is driving sustainability in Saudi Arabia with engineering

Sustainability strategies are growing in prominence around the world as it becomes imperative that organisations and individuals take action to reduce carbon emissions and prevent further climate change damage.

In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is making substantial progress in its focus on sustainable development and increasing levels of investment in areas such as renewable energy and infrastructure will help to deliver this. 

At AtkinsRéalis , we have a strong and growing presence in Saudi Arabia, and we’ve helped to deliver some of the most innovative projects in the country, including the Riyadh Metro and At-Turaif District in Diriyah. Sustainability and the protection of the environment are a priority in all we do because we know the impact they can have on future generations to come.

Here, we discuss how AtkinsRéalis is driving sustainability in Saudi Arabia with the help of innovative engineering.

Green garden with ponds and architecture in the background in Saudi Arabia

How Saudi Arabia is becoming more sustainable

In Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince has provided a plan for the Kingdom to use its significant financial resources to create a more dynamic, diverse and environmentally-friendly economy under their ambitious Vision 2030 strategy. Engineers have always played a key role in the future of sustainable development. Whether it is building new products or working on technologies that will innovate the future, they are instrumental in designing, architecting, and building our communities and cities.

Urban planning

In order to achieve sustainable urbanisation in Saudi Arabia, a swift revamp and expansion of all sectors in the built environment is essential. Sustainable urban planning calls for a balanced production and consumption of goods and services without negatively affecting the natural environment. Projects such as the Saudi Green Initiative and NEOM are currently being implemented which, when achieved, will drastically improve the sustainable outlook of the nation

One of our main areas of expertise is Urban Planning, and we have a track record of improving the quality of life in the regions and areas where we work. We’ve positioned ourselves to be a preferred partner for engineering and design solutions in Saudi Arabia, as urban planning comes to the fore.

Innovative new energy sources

Additionally, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s roadmap to develop clean and affordable energy is driving the sustainable revolution in the region. As part of this, the nation has launched the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP). It is expected that by diversifying their sources of energy, the NREP will not only reduce the Kingdom’s dependence on oil and carbon emissions; it will also create jobs and further develop the economy.

The Kingdom has launched several projects and initiatives within this program, which include:

  •     Advanced Cooling Challenge Campaign.

  •        King Salman Renewable Energy Initiative.

  •       Wind farm project in Skaka.

  •        King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy.

What is AtkinsRéalis doing to drive sustainability in Saudi Arabia?

As a global business, our impact is felt all across the globe and our expertise is wide-reaching. As part of our sustainability drive, we’ve committed to a Net Zero Carbon 2030 Routemap with immediate actions to combat climate change, in all the regions we work in. Our ‘Engineering Net Zero’ project is also designed to help clients prioritise green energy solutions and develop sustainable infrastructure and cities.

Saudi Arabia represents a significant opportunity for AtkinsRéalis and our expertise in sustainable development can be valuable to The Kingdom. We are set to spearhead the sustainable drive in Saudi Arabia and improve sustainable practices to promote a better quality of life in the region. We are well-equipped to be a key delivery partner in the nation’s latest, and one of their most ambitious development projects, NEOM: the world’s first cognitive and smart city, with its own way of life, built and run with no carbon emissions.

Join AtkinsRéalis and help us build a greener future

At AtkinsRéalis , all of our practices have sustainability at the core of them. Preserving the planet and developing a better world for the next generation is our priority and each member of our team shares the same value. We care about the impact we’re having on the world, and we want to create solutions to some of the most complex challenges.

If you’re an ambitious individual and would like to contribute to a greener future, join us on our journey to Net Zero Carbon. Browse our available jobs in the Middle East or sign up for our job alerts so you never miss an opportunity.