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Insights Ready to transform your career? Mastering data at AtkinsRéalis.

Meet Karla, AtkinsRéalis' Master Data Management Analyst in Romania. Karla expertly transforms complex datasets into actionable insights. Her skill with diverse data management tools and sharp analytical abilities ensure the accuracy and integrity of our business data. Fluent in French and English, Karla is key in guiding decisions, proving herself an invaluable asset to our team. She recently spoke to #InsideAtkins about her career journey so far:

Photo of Karla at her workstation at home

How did you come to work in Master Data Management at AtkinsRéalis?

I started my career working in customer support for the Formula 1 Official App. When I discovered AtkinsRéalis, I initially applied for a job in Accounts Payable. However, the Master Data Management Team Supervisor also wanted to meet me. She presented me with the insides of the job, which were pretty dynamic. Since I'm an active person who likes challenges and gets bored if the activity is not varied, I chose the Master Data Management position.

What skills are required for Master Data Management?

I think the key skills for this type of role are attention to detail, patience, the continuous desire to improve, learning new things, and communicating better since we're in touch with suppliers and clients. I like that the Master Data Management team's activities are very diverse. We constantly take over new processes, have new things to learn, and never get bored.

What do you enjoy most about the culture of your team at AtkinsRéalis?

Interacting with many people from all four corners of the world, including Saudi Arabia, Canada, and the UAE! I've met some friendly, kind people (virtually) and discovered information about their cultures, countries, and different ways of working.

Inside the organization, we also have various activities, from team building to Christmas parties and volunteering activities that help create a cohesive team with other colleagues. We're also encouraged to develop our soft and hard skills through training, which helps in everyday life and professionally.

What is your outlook at AtkinsRéalis?

In the coming years/months, I expect the company AtkinsRéalis to evolve in size and performance. I'm also looking forward to growing with it in terms of professional progress.

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