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Insights How Atkins engineers are lighting the way to net zero carbon

Meet Specialist and Architectural Lighting Lead, Seki from Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group. She talks to us about her role in London's Transportation division and her passion for our planet and its people. Oh, and how she runs healthy eating sessions to support people with retaining the nutrition in the food they prepare and cook!

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I enjoy Atkins because of our diversity of staff and projects, the flexibility and opportunities to develop my expertise and capabilities as a woman and finally, the exposure to various development and leadership programmes to help build and lead a high-performing team.

SEKI, specialist & Architectural lighting lead

What do you do inside Atkins?

I lead the team responsible for Specialist and Architectural Lighting projects where the common goal is delivering sustainable lighting solutions that benefit the environment and the communities where we work.

Our projects are delivered across many different sectors, from government/local government and public services to capital projects and infrastructure – encompassing education, power and utilities, aviation, rail and transport, among others.

I work on different types of projects ranging from Economic Appraisal of Lighting, Lighting Policy/Strategy Development, Public and Exterior Lighting, Interior Lighting Design, Electrical Network Design for Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Obtrusive Light Impact Assessment, Glint and Glare Assessment Review, Daylight and Sun Path Analysis, Site Planning and Massing, Urban and Master Planning, Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Infrastructure etc.

How are you engineering better for our planet and its people?

On my projects, I make sure that our buildings are daylit whenever possible to improve well-being, productivity and reductions in carbon use to approach net zero. We achieve this through early engagement and coordination with all the disciplines and our clients, consulting similar projects and enjoying easy access to experienced colleagues and contractors. We invest in holistic design and careful equipment selection to improve internal lit environments while reducing the environmental impact of artificial lighting.

What kind of opportunities do you have at Atkins?

I have the opportunity to lead the thought process on lighting design and aid the growth of the lighting profession in both technical education and professional development through playing an active roles with the professional institutions and my authorship of client technical documentation.

What's the culture like?

Atkins' core values underpin the culture of the organization. We regularly have knowledge-sharing sessions as part of our projects. This encompasses how we've demonstrated integrity and values on projects, including challenges faced and lessons learnt. We share experiences and promote people to expand their knowledge and interests.

How does "different make a difference" inside Atkins?

I feel valued, supported, and respected, and I can access opportunities to help me attain my full potential here. I regularly challenge my reactions to people and my behaviour within and outside of Atkins to ensure people I deal with always feel welcomed, safe, valued and fairly treated. On every task I embark on, whether simple or complex, I engage ideas from a wide mix of people with common ground. The benefits are huge as it uncovers shared experiences, helps create clarity, lifts people up and develops shared goals.

What are some of your passions outside of work?

I enjoy working with young people and supporting the well-being of the elderly. With Atkins' flexible working, I can spend time mentoring young people on higher education pathways to develop effective study habits for success more often. I plan my weekly work schedule to accommodate my regular visits and support elderly relatives and non-relatives with their shopping and household chores.

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