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Insights The socio-economic impact of the Red Sea Project

What is the Red Sea? 

The Red Sea (Project) is the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism project, located on the western coast of Saudi Arabia. With over 90 islands and 50 resorts that range over 28,000 square kilometers, the aim of the project is to create a sustainable luxury tourism destination that is in harmony with the natural environment. 

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What are the objectives of the Red Sea Project? 

The project compliments the government’s Saudi Vision 2030 - a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation. The Red Sea is guided by three key objectives: 

  • Unlocking new opportunities in the KSAs tourism sector - attracting both domestic and international tourists
  • Unlocking new sectors that will contribute to the KSAs economy
  • Empowering young people in Saudi Arabia to realize their full potential

360 hdr panorama view from the height of the mountains range to the blue sea in seamless spherical equirectangular projection

How will it impact KSA? 

Job creation

The Red Sea project is set to create tens of thousands of jobs in various sectors contributing to the diversification of the Saudi economy. 

Construction jobs - the project includes the building of hotels, resorts, roads, and more construction activities. If you are an engineer, architect, or construction worker, there will be a vast range of opportunities. 

The Construction Village, set to house 10,000 workers, is now open and development is progressing well at the Coastal Village, which will be home to around 14,000 people who will eventually work at the destination. 

As a world-class tourism destination, there will be a need for hospitality and tourism jobs such as tour guides, customer service representatives, hotel managers, and more. The Red Sea Project will build out its own transport infrastructure which will require airline staff, drivers, pilots, in addition to the transportation engineers, civil engineers, structural engineers and designers who will develop critical infrastructure. 

Infrastructure development

  • Transportation infrastructure - one of the biggest construction projects will be the international airport that is being built from scratch. The area consists of 90 different islands that will need roads and bridges to be built to connect them and allow for easy access. 
  • Utility infrastructure - as the KSA embarks on their journey to carbon neutrality, innovation will be required for utility infrastructure such as water supply, wastewater treatment, power generation and so on. 
  • Environmental infrastructure - with sustainability as a core focus of the Red Sea Project, the development of environmental infrastructure is vital. Wildlife conservation and environmental monitoring systems will need to be in place. The Environmental Sustainability Framework is designed to ensure that the project area’s environment and biodiversity are both protected and enhanced as a result of destination development. 

An inclusive and diverse society

The Red Sea Project is committed to celebrating cultural and social diversity and here are some of the ways they are working towards achieving this goal: 

  • Cultural and social programs - to celebrate the diversity of the region, festivals and art.
  • Community engagement - engaging with local communities to make sure their voices are heard. 
  • Inclusive design - infrastructure will be accessible and inclusive for all visitors including those with disabilities and mobility challenges. 

Get involved in the Red Sea Project 

This project is one of a kind as it will give you the opportunity to build and contribute to the advancement of tomorrow. At the heart of this project is creating a positive impact on the KSA that will benefit local communities, create jobs, embrace cultural diversity and so much more. 

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