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Insights Building a Sustainable Future: Explore a Career in Sustainability at Atkins

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Atkins and we are dedicated to engineering a better future for our planet and its people. How? By addressing today’s most pressing challenges from climate change to waste management through our global projects

“Everything we do and everything we touch has a direct impact on the world around us.” - 


If you are considering a career in Sustainability then Atkins is the place for you to grow and develop your career as we recognise the importance of environmental responsibility and social impact. 

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability at Atkins India and career paths in sustainability worth pursuing: 

Our commitment to Sustainability 

By integrating sustainability into our projects, operations, and company culture, Atkins strives to be a leader in sustainable development. Beneath all of our decisions, big or small, we consider how it impacts the environment, society and economy. 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), introduced in 2015, is a set of objectives designed as a call to action to end poverty and inequality, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy health, justice and prosperity. These goals are one of the many ways we hold ourselves accountable to operating sustainably. 

We’ve selected three priority objectives from which we can help advance the most and contribute to transforming our planet:

  • Affordable clean energy 
  • Sustainable cities and communities 
  • Climate action 

Environmental technology concept. Sustainable development goals. SDGs.

Career paths in Sustainability at Atkins 

Job searches for sustainability roles in India increased by 31% between April 2022 and 2023, the highest growth in the last three years. With the climate crisis becoming more of a pressing issue, the demand for Sustainability careers has shot up and is showing no sign of slowing down.

Whatever career you may be interested in, at Atkins you’ll be working towards a sustainable future. Here are a few roles we offer where you’ll be defining sustainable outcomes: 

Sustainability Consultant 

As a Sustainability Consultant, you will be providing expert advice and guidance to organisations on sustainable practices, and building out strategies to implement these practices. 

You’ll analyse how the business is currently operating through data as well as your own audits. Based on this information, you’ll offer tailored recommendations to promote sustainability and reduce the organisations’ carbon footprint.

Sustainability Project Manager

As a Sustainability Project Manager, your role will be to oversee and coordinate sustainability initiatives in the organisation. You will ensure that every project aligns with sustainability objectives by monitoring and managing resources as well as key stakeholders. The projects you will work on will vary - from waste management, water treatment to clean power. 

Project Engineer 

As a Project Engineer, you’ll apply engineering principles to environmental challenges to protect and restore the environment. Through developing innovative technologies and designing sustainable infrastructure, you will play a key role in building a sustainable future. 

If you enjoy thinking outside the box, differently, and finding new ways to do things, you’ll fit right in. Innovation is one of our core values that is the essence of our identity. 

Contribute to a more sustainable future 

Working at Atkins is more than just a job. It is a chance to build a sustainable future and to take your career wherever your ambitions lead. 

So whether you’re in engineering or project management, business operations or corporate functions – you’ll enjoy opportunities on multi-disciplinary and multi-market projects, international exposure, internal career moves, and continuous professional development.

Feeling inspired? Apply to a career in sustainability today at Atkins India