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Insights Celebrating the Return of Our Talented Women Alumni: Empowerment and Growth at AtkinsRéalis India

At AtkinsRéalis India, we take pride in the collaborative, inclusive environment we have fostered over the years. An environment where people feel eager to return after moving on to other opportunities, where they can continue to grow and develop their careers and enjoy a vibrant sense of community. 

We’re not all the same and that is our greatest strength. Like our geographical footprint here in India, our work is all about diversity. We strive to create a more welcoming place to work, where women and all people feel valued, and free to share their ideas. 

We delve into the inspiring stories of some of our talented women alumni who have returned to AtkinsRéalis in this blog. Through honouring their exceptional journeys, we hope to celebrate the spirit of empowerment and growth that we promote at AtkinsRéalis. 

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Meet our esteemed alumna - Nivedita Bhat

Nivedita is a woman of talent, determination, and a strong commitment to her craft. Re-joining AtkinsRéalis as an Associate Group Architect, she brings with her a wealth of experience and a remarkable journey that spans over a decade. 

Nivedita’s career journey 

Before finding her way to AtkinsRéalis, Nivedita had the privilege of working with three companies. 

In 2007, when Nivedita first joined us, she worked on UK projects when the Global Technology Centre (GTC) was known as the Global Design Centre (GDC). These centres provide end-to-end consulting, design and project management support to AtkinsRéalis worldwide.

During this time, she worked on projects in the UK, the Middle East, and India where she seized the opportunity to contribute her architectural skills. Each project and region came with its own set of requirements and Nivedita shared how she relished this exposure. 

Around 2020, the COVID pandemic meant she went back to her native land for nearly five years. However, the allure of AtkinsRéalis' dynamic work environment and the opportunities it offered drew her back, and in January 2023, she proudly returned to lead a position within the company.

What do you value and enjoy about working at AtkinsRéalis? 

One aspect she particularly values about AtkinsRéalis is our multi-disciplinary approach. Having all disciplines in-house facilitates seamless coordination and a holistic approach to building design. This collaborative environment allowed her to focus on providing detailed coordination during the design phase, resolving issues effectively, and ensuring top-notch results. 

The culture here has been instrumental in her growth and professional development. She shares how the support from the leadership team has been commendable. Her management and team have encouraged her to collaborate across teams, take the lead in client meetings and coordinate discussions, giving her exposure to different stakeholders in the business. 

This collaborative approach also allows our colleagues to explore different disciplines, whether that is in the form of a secondment to different locations to expand their horizons, working on a national and international level, or internal mobility opportunities. 

Nivedita took advantage of these opportunities and travelled to Dubai and Oman, where she gained valuable insights into the different work culture and enriched her understanding of how international teams operate. 

As we celebrate her remarkable journey, we are proud to have her back as an integral part of the AtkinsRéalis family, where her diverse experiences and contributions continue to elevate the company to new heights. 

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Akhilamba S V

Akhilamba SV is currently our Professional Head of Department of Telecoms within the Signalling and Telecoms Practice under Transportation at AtkinsRéalis. Additionally, she also holds the role of Key Accounts Manager for Transportation in Canada, and recently has started working with the ENZ group. 

With an impressive 15-plus years of experience in the Telecoms industry, her expertise lies in UK Rail Telecoms. 

Akhilamba’s career journey 

Her first stint with the company spanned from 2010 to 2021. She joined the business as a Junior Communication Engineer and eventually progressed to a managerial position where she was responsible for a telecom team of 20 people. 

The intimate knowledge of the company, its people, and its clients made her feel at ease, leading her to rejoin the organization. 

What do you value and enjoy about working at AtkinsRéalis? 

Akhilamba values AtkinsRéalis’ vision and mission as it aligns with her personal beliefs and values. 

Integrity and collaboration stand out as the cornerstones of her commitment. She believes that integrity is pivotal for all employees, as it directly influences the company's reputation and performance, ultimately contributing to its growth. Furthermore, valuing the people she works with has been a guiding principle in her journey towards mutual success.

AtkinsRéalis is delighted to welcome her back as a valuable member of their team, and together, we embark on a journey of shared growth and success. 

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Kavyashree K

In 2011, Kavyashree joined AtkinsRéalis and spent four fruitful years with the business. 

Kavyashree’s career journey 

Initially, Kavyashree worked with an engineering firm in Mysore for nearly 3.5 years. 

After this stint, she was with AtkinsRéalis for four years from 2011 to 2015 where she 

worked on international projects across the USA, UK, and the Middle East, including schools, offices, libraries, and more, she felt at home with AtkinsRéalis. 

Due to family constraints, she had to return to Mysore and rejoined her previous company, where she worked for about five years. However, the lack of flexibility and work-life balance led her to leave that job, and she was eager to come back to AtkinsRéalis. Kavyashree has been given opportunities to expand her scope of work, making her return even more enjoyable. 

What do you value and enjoy about working at AtkinsRéalis? 

Kavyashree was drawn by the unique and employee-oriented culture, which places importance on flexibility and work-life balance. 

At AtkinsRéalis, self-growth is encouraged, and employees are valued for their core skills and certifications. The company offers a favourable atmosphere, facilities, and the freedom to set professional objectives, allowing personal and professional growth.

One of the best aspects of AtkinsRéalis is its respect for employees' personal time says Kavyashree. Working overtime or on weekends is not encouraged. This consideration ensures that employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance and pursue their passions, such as her passion for swimming. 

AtkinsRéalis' commitment to safety aligns perfectly with Kavyashree’s values, providing a sense of comfort both onsite and at the office.

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Kajal Tilokani

Kajal, an esteemed alumnus of AtkinsRéalis, brings more than 22 years of experience across diverse industries to her role. She holds a Yellow Belt in Six Sigma LEAN certification and possesses expertise in Information Management, Project Management, Project Controls, Marketing, and Teaching.

Kajal’s career journey 

Over the years, Kajal has actively supported project management and project control activities, collaborating with Project Managers to create baseline costs and programs. She also excels at performance monitoring and reporting on various projects. 

Additionally, Kajal has been instrumental in assisting Information Managers on different projects, focusing on CDE setup, testing workflows, and standardizing processes and templates. 

Notably, she is APM PMQ certified and has delivered numerous ProjectWise admin and champion training sessions to national and international teams.

After marrying and moving to the UK, Kajal became a mother of two girls and transitioned from marketing to teaching for a better work-life balance. Upon returning to India, she joined AtkinsRéalis in 2016, exploring various roles and pursuing an MBA to expand her knowledge and align with industry needs. 

In 2021, she briefly left AtkinsRéalis but recently returned. Notably, her husband also works at AtkinsRéalis. Kajal now contributes to a significant nuclear project aiming to provide low-carbon electricity to British homes. 

This project aligns with her values, allowing her to make a positive environmental impact. Grateful for the opportunity, she appreciates AtkinsRéalis for this platform.

What do you value and enjoy about working at AtkinsRéalis? 

Working at AtkinsRéalis offers a range of benefits, including a hybrid work model, ample growth opportunities, and professional development. Kajal appreciates the inclusive and respectful culture at AtkinsRéalis, where people are valued and considered assets of the organization. 

Kajal's personal vision aligns seamlessly with AtkinsRéalis' goal of engineering a better future for the planet and its people. 

She believes in the Triple R concept of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, and actively shares this knowledge. As an organization that values sustainability, Kajal feels her vision and values harmonize with AtkinsRéalis.

Kajal expresses sincere gratitude to the organization and its senior leadership for giving her the opportunity to be a part of AtkinsRéalis once again. Despite not having a civil engineering background, she has successfully embraced the inclusive culture at AtkinsRéalis, where equal opportunities are provided to explore and grow regardless of one's background.

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Sayani Dutta

Sayani Dutta brings 17 years of expertise in Planning, Project Control, and Project Management to the table. 

Currently, she serves as the Deputy Work Stream Lead for Planning and the UK Rail market lead in PPMS (Planning, Project Control, and Management Systems). Additionally, she takes on the role of a strategic resource manager for the PPMS group.

Sayani’s career journey 

Her journey began with a B. Tech in Chemical Engineering, leading her to work in diverse industries such as power, automation, R&D, and transportation. 

Today, Sayani proudly holds certifications as an IPMA-D and Google Project Management professional. 

Over the last decade, Sayani has devoted her career to the railway domain, where she has honed her skills as a subject matter expert and a global trainer.

What do you value and enjoy about working at AtkinsRéalis? 

Balancing her professional life with motherhood, Sayani cherishes the joys of having a two-year-old son and a wonderful life partner.

Sayani greatly appreciates AtkinsRéalis' leave policy and work-from-home flexibility, allowing her to spend quality time with her family and explore new locations, which fills her with optimism and inspiration.

One of the things that brought Sayani back to AtkinsRéalis after being an alumnus was the unmatched work-life balance the organization offers. 

AtkinsRéalis also prioritizes individual growth and learning, offering opportunities like professional memberships, technical conferences, and innovation training. 

With numerous opportunities for career advancement and potential leadership roles, the company fosters an environment that encourages process improvement and team development.

Not only that, the organization actively promotes female leaders through initiatives like the Women's Leadership Forum and Leadership Training. Sayani values AtkinsRéalis for its inclusive, balanced, and supportive work culture, expressing excitement for her journey there and its future impact.

Be part of a diverse and inclusive workforce with AtkinsRéalis 

At AtkinsRéalis, we are committed to empowering individuals to excel in their careers. Our core values of safety, integrity, collaboration & innovation, drive us to engineer a better future for our clients, communities, and the world.

As we embrace the return of our women alumni, we continue to build a culture that values expertise, celebrates individuality, and nurtures talent. Together, we shape a world where engineering excellence and diversity go hand in hand. 

Learn more about our culture at AtkinsRéalis India and join our talent community to stay connected.