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Insights Shaping the future of sustainable transportation with Atkins in Asia Pacific

What is sustainable transportation?

Sustainable transportation is modes of travelling that have minimal impact on the environment, economy, and society. This looks like transport that produces low or net-zero emissions and is energy efficient. 

Our Transportation teams at Atkins are working hard to ensure that the impact we have on the environment, society, and economy, on a global and local scale, is kept to a minimum. As an organisation, we are striving towards a Net-Zero future

Learn more about sustainable transportation, why it is important, the benefits, challenges, and projects we are working on: 

What is the main goal of sustainable transportation? 

The main goal of sustainable transportation is to address current and future transportation needs without contributing significantly to climate change. Our goal is to engineer a better future for our planet and its people.

Through environmental and social considerations, transport professionals are able to engineer sustainable options that promote long-term well-being and minimise our carbon footprint. 

We caught up with Rob Fleetwood who works in Atkins Hong Kong as a Transport Consultant. 

He shared that one of the reasons he chose to advance his career with Atkins was that he realized the crucial role that Atkins plays in the future of transportation globally. 

He became more aware of the issues in the transportation sector and now finds a sense of gratification while working on projects that have a positive impact on the transportation sector. 

What are the benefits of sustainable transportation? 

Traditional transportation methods have been problematic as they mostly rely on fossil fuels that produce harmful emissions. Did you know that global energy-related CO2 emissions grew in 2022 by 0.9%, or 321 million tonnes, reaching a new high of more than 36.8 billion tonnes?

Fossil fuel-based transportation is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, which is a primary driver of global climate change. This is exactly why there is a high demand for sustainable transportation methods as they introduce a world of benefits to the built environment. 

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions which reduces environmental pollution
  • Better air quality which results in better public health 
  • Reduction in non-renewable energy resources such as fossil fuels and oils 
  • It is more energy efficient which conserves resources 
  • It creates affordable and accessible mobility options for the public 

What are the challenges of sustainable transportation? 

However, there are challenges around sustainable transportation, that affect widespread adoption and success, such as: 

  • Integration - new sustainable transportation solutions need to be integrated into existing infrastructure which requires complex planning and coordination. 
  • Policies and regulations - navigating the ever-changing landscape of transportation policies, regulations, and incentives related to sustainable modes can be challenging, especially as these policies vary across jurisdictions. 
  • Accessibility - ensuring that these transportation methods are accessible to marginalised communities and all segments of society is important. 

We're not all the same. And that's our greatest strength. Like our geographical footprint here in APAC, our work is all about diversity and inclusion. As we strive to create a more equal, diverse and inclusive place to thrive, we take on projects that also reflect the same values. 

Sustainable transportation projects 

Working at Atkins is an opportunity to work on global projects that take on today’s most pressing challenges. We merge ingenuity, knowledge and technology to uplift communities and drive a safer, better tomorrow. 

Take the Hong Kong International Airport as an example. Our transportation professionals contributed to various phases of the expansion, providing engineering and design services for airport facilities and transportation infrastructure.

With our teams’ contribution, the airport will be able to handle an additional 30 million passengers a year and it will spur further economic development, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. 

A key part of the success of every project we undertake is safety, integrity, collaboration, and innovation. These are our values and the essence of our identity. 

Be at the forefront of sustainable transportation innovation with Atkins 

Make a difference by driving the future of transportation with global projects that focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability. 

If you are a dedicated transport professional who is eager to collaborate with industry experts and shape a greener, more connected world…

Then explore Transportation careers at Atkins.