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Insights Introducing Omar Badriek: Architect in the New Murabba

Let's delve into the captivating world of Omar Badriek, an architect who thrives amidst the bustling Riyadh architecture design team. Surrounded by rapid development and a vibrant cultural scene, Omar finds himself immersed in an ever-evolving cityscape that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. 

Enthralled by the dynamic energy of Riyadh, Omar takes to the streets on his trusty motorbike, feeling the pulse of progress beneath him. The city's physical transformation is just the beginning - it has become a cultural hub, hosting diverse arts and entertainment programs that enrich the urban experience. As night falls, Riyadh's illuminated streets reveal a captivating fusion of tradition and modernity, turning the city into a living celebration of growth and cultural diversity. 

Since joining AtkinsRéalis in 2019, Omar has had the privilege of contributing to a variety of projects, including New Murabba, Qiddiya Six Flags, and several buildings in KAFD. Armed with an Advanced Architectural Design master's from Columbia University and an undergraduate architectural degree from King Abdulaziz University, Omar's studies and research have focused on finding design solutions for communities vulnerable to the impact of climate change. 

Join us as we uncover this visionary architect's journey, as well as his limitless passion for creating spaces that inspire and transform. 

Being an architect at AtkinsRéalis  

AtkinsRéalis offers an architect role that goes beyond just delivering projects. As part of our team, architects have the opportunity to help clients achieve their goals and understand their true needs.  

In the past year, Omar feels privileged of collaborating with an exceptional architectural team to bring the New Murabba project to life. This ambitious venture covered an expansive area of 19 km2, with a striking 400m x 400m x 400m structure at its center. From the very beginning, he was involved as a core design team member, working closely with the project design director on various aspects including design, culture, environment, and spatial studies. His contributions spanned master planning, architectural development, and management of sub-consultants and stakeholders. 

At AtkinsRéalis, being an architect means more than just creating buildings; it means being a catalyst for transformation and shaping the built environment. 

Omar’s greatest achievement 

One of Omar’s most fulfilling accomplishments is successfully overseeing the development of Plot 5.06 (Intercontinental Hotel) and Plot 4.05 (Kimpton Hotel) in KAFD, from the initial concept design all the way to the technical design stages. Witnessing his architectural drawings come to life in these remarkable buildings is an indescribable sensation. 

Challenges being in architect and how to conquer them 

When Omar first embarked on his career, one of the major hurdles he faced was the transition from academic projects to real-life endeavors. Meeting the requirements of clients entailed a completely different set of criteria, compared to the theoretical challenges he had previously tackled. Through collaboration with his colleagues, they grasped the client's objectives and honed their communication skills, ultimately overcoming these obstacles together. 

Advice to other Saudis growing their career in architecture 

Omar’s advise would be to constantly engage in conversations and share your perspectives. 


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