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Insights Engineering Success in Career and Parenthood at AtkinsRéalis: Mindy’s blueprint

Mindy embarked on her journey with AtkinsRéalis back in 2011 as a fresh graduate, filled with ambition and determination. Over the years, she has not only grown within the company but also expanded her family, becoming a mother twice. Her story is one of resilience, dedication, and the pursuit of a harmonious balance between career and family life.

Efficiency & Organization

From the onset, Mindy recognized the importance of efficiency and organization in both her professional and personal life. With meticulous planning and strategizing, she manages to navigate the demands of her current role as a Technical Associate Director while also fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother. Mindy's secret lies in her unwavering commitment to maintaining a well-structured schedule. By meticulously organizing her tasks at work and syncing her family's activities on her calendar, she ensures that she can effectively manage both domains of her life without compromising on either.

Supportive Work Culture

Mindy credits a huge part of her success to the supportive work culture fostered by AtkinsRéalis. She emphasizes the significance of open communication with her manager, who readily accommodates her need for flexibility, particularly in remote work arrangements. Mindy's experience highlights has been a great story to highlight our commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment where employees can thrive professionally while tending to their personal obligations.

Overcoming Challenges

Mindy's journey as a working mother is not without its challenges. She candidly acknowledges moments of guilt and the struggle to balance her time between work and her children. However, she draws strength from her leadership skills honed through parenting, recognizing the value of resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles. AtkinsRéalis acknowledges and values these attributes, making it an ideal workplace for individuals seeking to integrate their personal and professional lives seamlessly.

Smooth Transitions

Welcoming her children into the world marked significant milestones in Mindy's life, each accompanied by a brief hiatus from work. Despite the challenges of transitioning back to the workplace after maternity leave, Mindy's seamless reintroduction reflects AtkinsRéalis' commitment to employee well-being. Opting for part-time work upon her return further underscores the company's dedication to flexibility and understanding, ensuring a smooth transition for Mindy as she balances her newfound responsibilities.

Guidance for Prospective Employees and Employers

Mindy's journey offers valuable insights for both working parents and employers alike. She advocates for open communication, flexibility, and mutual support as essential pillars in achieving a healthy work-life balance. At AtkinsRéalis, these principles are not just ideals but are ingrained in the company culture, making it an attractive destination for top talent seeking a fulfilling career.

As Mindy continues to thrive in her role, she remains committed to maximizing productivity during working hours to prioritize quality time with her family. Her story serves as a beacon of inspiration for those navigating the delicate balance between career ambitions and family responsibilities.

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