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Insights #IWD2024: The top 6 ways we'll invest in you inside AtkinsRéalis

Senior Project Manager Billie works in AtkinsRéalis' Project and Programme Services team. She started her career with us as a graduate project manager and is now a senior project manager specializing in purpose-built student accommodation. In the following blog, she shares nine different ways AtkinsRéalis invests in her career:

1. We'll help speed up your career progression

Progression is achieved through an individual's hard work. And it's an organization's responsibility to provide all genders with equitable opportunities. AtkinsRéalis does not discriminate based on gender, and women are provided with additional programs to ensure they succeed in a predominantly male industry. The Women's Development Program is available for women employees to provide them with extra support to thrive.

"I've never encountered anybody in our team who doesn't have a positive attitude towards gender equality and women's success." —Billie, Senior Project Manager

2. We'll support you with the work flexibility you need

Flexible working empowers people with families to make the best decisions for their circumstances. I am empowered to work from where it best allows me to be productive, and I still have an office to work from when teamwork is necessary. I also value the flexibility regarding where we work, the lack of micro-managing, and the ability to progress as we want.

3. We'll make sure your voice is heard

There is a positive attitude towards equality and removing discrimination at AtkinsRéalis. I have conducted interviews for graduates for many years, and there is a big focus on avoiding bias and discrimination. Everybody is made to feel empowered to raise any issues if they feel like they are not receiving equal opportunities. Decisions at AtkinsRéalis are based on an individual's ability, not gender.

4. We'll invest in you as an individual

AtkinsRéalis has invested in my career since joining as a graduate in 2015. They have funded my master's degree and supported me in obtaining my chartership. I have been supported by many people here while undertaking my chartership. The support offered is unrivaled by any other company, in my opinion. Following my chartership, I've always been provided with support from not only my line manager but other senior leaders in the team to continue to progress through my career and work on projects that I am really interested in.

5. We'll help you take your career where you want it to go

As well as the support, I value the amount of project choice. This has allowed me to work in different sectors and eventually decide on the industry of my choice, which I now focus on. I led a project last year which sparked a positive change in the Sneinton Market community in Nottingham. The transformation of a disused building into an inviting new structure has revitalized the area. The community now enjoys a renewed environment with reduced anti-social behavior, boosting the local economy and improving community wellbeing.

6. We'll stay committed to equality, diversity and inclusion

Without the inclusive environment we enjoy inside AtkinsRéalis, I couldn't undertake my role as a woman and feel empowered.

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