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Insights Unveiling the Sizewell C job experience: Rammani's career journey at AtkinsRéalis

Meet Rammani, a Graduate Project Manager turned Assistant Project Manager for Enabling Works and Earthworks (as part of SEWEE) on the monumental Sizewell C project at AtkinsRéalis

In a recent interview with Poppy from our Operations team, Rammani shares insights into her educational background, her excitement about joining AtkinsRéalis, and the significant role she plays on this groundbreaking project. 

Photo of Rammani smiling towards the camera

Embarking on Sizewell C

Rammani's journey began with her move from Kolkata, India, to London, where she pursued an undergraduate degree in Economics and Management at Kings College London. 

Fresh out of university, she landed her first job as a Graduate Project Manager at AtkinsRéalis, marking the commencement of her professional career. 

Joining Sizewell C straight out of university was indeed a remarkable start, and Rammani describes it as a "huge and significant benchmark" in her life. 

The role of an Assistant Project Manager

In her current role as Assistant Project Manager for Enabling Works and Earthworks (as part of SEWEE), Rammani navigates the intricate details of financing, resourcing, procurement, and project management. 

She emphasizes the diversity of tasks, from participating in design meetings to delving into financial intricacies and ensuring seamless collaboration across various disciplines. 

Rammani finds the multifaceted nature of project management both challenging and incredibly interesting, describing it as "a myriad of multiple things which go on at the same time."

Sizewell C jobs - a learning experience like no other

For Rammani, being part of Sizewell C is a profound learning experience. As she manages the details, her primary goal is to understand how a project of this scale operates and achieves its milestones. 

Her focus is not solely on task-specific learning but on comprehending the orchestration of diverse elements behind the scenes, describing it as the "biggest learning" she anticipates from this monumental project.

Supportive atmosphere and inclusivity

Rammani shared the support she's received from her team, highlighting the collaborative atmosphere at AtkinsRéalis. Across our global teams, we work together and embrace each other’s unique contributions to deliver amazing results for all.

Despite her background in Economics and Management, stepping into a nuclear project was a significant shift. 

She expresses gratitude for the willingness of her colleagues to answer her questions and provide support, emphasizing the inclusive and supportive nature of the AtkinsRéalis team. 

Making a significant impact on the Sizewell C project 

As she immerses herself in the intricacies of Sizewell C, Rammani reflects on the broader impact of her work. 

The project's historical significance in the UK's energy sector, coupled with its potential to replace millions of tonnes of CO2, fuels her motivation. 

Rammani finds fulfillment in contributing to a project that extends beyond personal and professional realms, recognizing the societal and environmental impact of the work.

Unlock a Sizewell C job with AtkinsRéalis 

Rammani's journey so far on the Sizewell C project exemplifies our commitment to fostering talent, providing valuable learning experiences, and contributing to projects that have far-reaching impacts. 

As we continue our journey with Sizewell C, we invite individuals eager to embark on meaningful and impactful careers to join us. 

Explore opportunities at AtkinsRéalis, where each day brings new challenges, diverse learning experiences, and the chance to make a significant difference in projects that shape the future.

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