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Insights What does it take to be an effective civil engineer in Hong Kong?

As a global metropolis, Hong Kong has long been a fantastic place to be a civil engineer. With world-class infrastructure all around, effective civil engineers have many opportunities to be a part of flagship civil engineering projects that set a standard that is admired globally. 

For those who are beginning their careers with civil and structural engineering jobs in Hong Kong, the different options for career paths can feel exciting but possibly daunting too. However, there are a few strategies that professionals new to the industry can deploy to be effective civil engineers in Hong Kong. 

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Utilise graduate programs

Graduate programs can be a fantastic way to gain real-world experience for newly qualified civil engineers. At AtkinsRéalis Lavalin, our graduate programs offer support from mentors as well as having helpful, approachable managers and peers by your side. 

The benefit of wide-ranging graduate schemes is that you may find postings in different regions and on different projects; this can help broaden your experience. It can also help you discover your values, interests and specialisms as a civil engineer. 

During a graduate scheme, you can reflect on which projects drew on your expertise, were most fulfilling and where you want to learn more. This can be a fantastic progression of your lifelong learning journey in civil engineering. 

Be involved in the industry

In such an exciting and dynamic place as Hong Kong, you can expect your career to offer many exciting projects. Staying up to date with the latest innovations in the civil engineering industry not only helps to progress your career with new ways of thinking but can show potential employers how committed you are to the industry. 

You can be a part of the civil engineering industry by becoming a member of relevant industry networks. For example, The Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong offers regular training and events for continuous development. Similarly, HKIE, the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, can help you stay up to date with the latest industry news. 

Consider further qualifications

Jobs for graduate civil engineers in Hong Kong will usually require an engineering degree such as a BEng or MEng. However, as you progress, you may wish to consider adding further professional qualifications to your skillset. This could be becoming a Chartered Engineer (CEng) or undertaking a higher diploma.

You may also want to consider skill-specific qualifications and specialising in a particular field which could mean additional courses such as an Associate of Science in Construction Engineering and Management. 

Take pride in transferable skills

Throughout every project, civil engineers will pick up an array of transferable skills from communication, project management, and analysis as well as diversity, inclusion and cultural sensitivity. 

Civil engineering jobs can take you into multiple environments and allow you to work with many different people with diverse stakeholders. All these transferable skills and lessons learnt in civil engineering projects can be valuable in building your career, skill set and experience. 

Reflect on your projects

A civil engineering career can be busy as you move from project to project, but keeping track of your portfolio, the project outline, its successes, the critical skills you have used and what you learnt from each project can help build your expertise. 

Reflection is something many engineers feel too busy to do. However, spending time reviewing projects and your individual contribution can help you to become a more effective civil engineer and also embed key skills. 

You also don’t want to forget any noteworthy projects you have contributed to when applying for your next civil engineering job, so documenting your portfolio can be a great way to see how your career progresses. 

Grow as an effective civil engineer with AtkinsRéalis

At AtkinsRéalis , we support and nurture our talented teams at every stage in their career. From a range of graduate engineering opportunities in Hong Kong to senior engineering roles for more experienced individuals, we pride ourselves on our supportive and inclusive culture that fosters talent so you can be the most effective civil engineer. 

Search for your next civil engineering role today by exploring our civil and structural engineering job roles.