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Insights Join Our Landscape & Public Realm team in India & unlock your future

Are you passionate to shape the future of cities and public realm ? At AtkinsRealis, our GTC Landscape & Public Realm team isn't just a service—it's a gateway to boundless opportunities, innovation, and meaningful impact. Team comprises of landscape architects, Urban Designers, BIM technicians & Technology lead engaged with design and delivery of large scale public realm projects in the Middle East. Here's why joining our team in India is your ticket to an exhilarating professional journey:

    1. Opportunities Galore: Here’s a world where every project is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled. Our portfolio spans across the Middle East region, offering a diverse range of projects that redefine public realm design. Every project is with a flagship clients (private and public authorities) who trust us implicitly. As a member of our team, you'll engage directly with these clients, over in- person workshops, get an opportunity to visit the site, thereby fostering invaluable connections and honing professional expertise at a global scale.
    2. Secondment Opportunities: Last year witnessed a surge in secondment opportunities to various Middle East locations. This provided our team members with site interface opportunities and engagement with Middle East teams that transcend traditional roles. Picture yourself on-site, collaborating with stakeholders, attending workshops, and gaining firsthand insights into operational intricacies. These experiences not only strengthen client relationships but also empower us to deliver excellence, every single time.
    3. Digital Innovation: In the realm of landscape design, innovation isn't just a fancy word—it's our guiding principle and one of our core values. Our dedicated internal team pioneers digital interventions, streamlining processes and elevating project outcomes. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, we minimize manual efforts and maximize efficiency, ensuring that only the pinnacle of excellence is delivered. Opportunities for digital innovation are constantly discussed throughout the project delivery process. Within our common data environment, project delivery is orchestrated seamlessly, eliminating bottlenecks and optimizing workflows.
    4. Streamlined Project Delivery: Efficiency is at the centre of all our project delivery operations. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities, robust time bound quality check processes and in depth understanding of project risk management ensures project delivery with best quality outcomes. This also ensures, we deliver within agreed timelines and navigate complexities with finesse, thus, turning visions into reality.
    5. Dynamic Team Culture: A thriving workplace isn't just about projects—it's about people. Our Team boasts of unparalleled dynamism, fuelled by a diverse blend of talents and perspectives. With cultural and gender diversity, we take pride in fostering inclusivity and empowerment. Hybrid working ensures a healthy work-life balance, allowing one to thrive both personally and professionally. We celebrate project successes by conducting team events like project dinners and annual family day- out. We value talent through periodic recognitions and awards.

    If you're passionate about shaping the future of cities and crave the thrill of working on landmark projects, look no further than AtkinsRealis, team India! Join us in our pursuit of innovation, impact, and inspiration. Apply now at careers.atkinsrealis.com/india, The future awaits—unlock it with us.