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Insights What is the New Murabba project in Saudi Arabia?

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), you’ll find an awe-inspiring and profoundly transformative endeavor that encapsulates innovation, sustainability, and the unparalleled proficiency of AtkinsRéalis.

Keep reading to delve into the fascinating narrative of the New Murabba project in Saudi Arabia, a venture we’re delighted to participate in.

What is New Murabba?

As a modern downtown with a seamless blend of sustainability, nature, and innovative technology, New Murabba brings with it the promise of a brighter, greener future. 

Spearheaded by the New Murabba Development Company (NMDC), this futuristic downtown is more than just a place to live and work. It’s a place that fuses creativity, progress, and entrepreneurship with nature's beauty and a rich culture. As the new heart of Riyadh, New Murabba city is engineered to be a 15-minute downtown with everything a short walk or ride away.

Nestled deep within the New Murabba district, will be a cube-shaped mega skyscraper called The Mukaab. With the aim of becoming the largest built structure on the planet, the iconic Mukaab is set to measure 400 meters in height, in length, and in width. This architectural phenomenon is inspired by modern Najdi style, complemented by 2 million square meters of floor space.

From urban green spaces and a marvel in modern architecture to cutting-edge flood management systems and car-free zones, this innovative landscape offers a multitude of career avenues for professional growth and advancement. AtkinsRéalis is at the forefront of this transformative project, we’re looking for experts to jump on board, helping us pave the way for tomorrow. 

Where will the New Murabba be built? 

Situated in northwest Riyadh and expected to span 19 square kilometers, the new city district announced in 2023 is a breakthrough in modern engineering. Unveiled by HRH Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the Riyadh region is sure to be revolutionized with the addition of New Murabba and the Mukaab.

What is the timeline for the New Murabba project? 

As part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision2030 project, this gateway to another world is a premium destination full of marvels and innovation. The project is set to be completed in 2030, marking a new era for the region's development, greener focus, and economic prosperity. 

Our vision and values resonate strongly with the developmental aims for the Riyadh region, and we are actively seeking top-tier talent to contribute to this cause. 

Revolutionizing Riyadh: Innovate, Collaborate, Inspire

Working on the New Murabba project presents a unique opportunity to contribute significantly to engineering net zero goals with AtkinsRealis. As a leader in sustainable engineering solutions, we are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and advancing towards a carbon-neutral future. 

The New Murabba project aligns closely with this mission, offering engineers the chance to integrate innovative, low-carbon technologies and practices into their designs.

With the Mukaab skyscraper at its core, there are countless opportunities to contribute to making this vision a reality by 2030.

Contribute to the New Murabba project with AtkinsRéalis

Join a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive team environment dedicated to building a sustainable future in Saudi Arabia and making a significant impact on urban development in the Middle East. 

It’s time to work in partnership with our planet. 

The New Murabba project offers the perfect opportunity to draw on our collective strength to reach Net Zero and carbon neutrality. With our global cross-sector experience, we’re in a unique position to address the challenges and opportunities of making the Net Zero dream come true. 

Utilize your skills with AtkinsRéalis as your guiding beacon to develop innovative solutions that harness the synergy between people, data, and technology in addressing intricate project requirements. Start your journey in Saudi Arabia today