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Insights Explore Project Manager jobs in the UAE with AtkinsRéalis

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers fantastic opportunities for professionals in project management to move their careers.

With the UAE’s robust economic growth, tourism, construction, real estate, and technology are booming, creating the demand for skilled project managers across the nation. 

AtkinsRéalis is proud to offer thrilling and dynamic Project Manager jobs in the UAE that create a better-built, sustainability-focused environment within the region and beyond. 

From Abu Dhabi to Dubai, our project managers contribute their expertise to this ever-evolving landscape. With the increase of sustainable cities, towers, mega projects, and even islands such as the Palm Jebel Ali coming to fruition, the UAE is in an exciting chapter of innovation and development.

Are project managers in demand in the UAE?

Project managers are in high demand in the UAE.

Due to the nation’s ambitious infrastructure projects, rapid economic diversification, and urban development, the need for skilled professionals across a variety of industries is on the rise.

With major projects like the development of smart cities and large-scale constructions in real estate, transportation, and energy, project managers are needed for their expertise. 

The skills project managers possess are essential for ensuring the timely completion of projects that are within budget and to the highest standards.

What is the work culture like in the UAE?

Working in the UAE is becoming increasingly popular among many skilled professionals. 

As the country has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years, the standard of living is high quality, and there are many job opportunities across all seven emirates. 

English is the predominant language of business in the UAE, facilitating a smoother transition for newcomers to adapt. 

In addition to this, there are a variety of diverse cultures across the nation, meaning you can expose yourself to a rich tapestry of cuisines, traditions, and perspectives that enhance both your professional and personal growth.

Project management with AtkinsRéalis

Project manager jobs in UAE with AtkinsRéalis involve joining our world-leading consultancy that will see you empower clients to turn potential into reality.

Your role will be to understand clients’ challenges, share their vision, and help to drive projects and programmes that shape our future. You’ll get to deliver success through innovation, standardization, and automation, ensuring you save our clients time and money.

The project management expertise you possess will aid you in working with multidisciplinary teams while controlling and delivering construction projects. Your work will be vital in minimizing risk while maintaining safety, and achieving quality. 

Every project you work on will have sustainability and innovation at its core. 

Combine new technologies with forward-thinking as a Project Manager in the UAE

At AtkinsRéalis, our purpose and values shine through in every project we undertake. 

Our mission is sustainability-driven with a focus on how we can engineer net zero for a brighter tomorrow.

When you join us in the UAE as a Project Manager, you’ll have the opportunity to put your skills and experience into state-of-the-art infrastructure while progressing your career in your way. 

By working in a nation as dynamic as the UAE, you’ll gain valuable international experience, familiarise yourself with different cultures, and contribute to projects at the forefront of engineering a greener future.

In our agile and collaborative teams, anything is possible.

Join us today in the UAE or browse our project management opportunities today.