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Insights Top skills of a project manager

What does a project manager do? 

Project managers work collaboratively with their teams to deliver high-quality projects and technical excellence for clients. 

They are responsible for overseeing projects from initiation to completion, employing industry best practices whilst building strong, collaborative relationships with stakeholders. 

Join us at AtkinsRéalis and expand your project management career on some of the industry's most exciting and newsworthy construction projects. You'll enjoy invaluable exposure to international expertise as well as innovation in niche areas. 

Whether you are at the start of your project management career or looking to progress, you’ll need to work on these soft and hard skills to succeed: 

How to be a successful project manager 

A good project manager requires a blend of soft and hard skills as this job is critical in ensuring project milestones are achieved and stakeholders are satisfied. 

After all, project managers are at the heart of every project they touch and act as a bridge between architects, engineers, stakeholders and clients. Their role is pivotal to the success of every project. 

Another key part of the success of every AtkinsRéalis project is our core values - safety, integrity, collaboration, and innovation. These values enable us to handle major developments and interact with various communities, businesses, governments and other stakeholders. 

Soft skills of a project manager 

Soft skills are vital for managing relationships, guiding teams, and navigating the various dynamics of a project environment. 

  • Communication - as a project manager, you’ll need to convey the objectives of projects to various stakeholders. Communication is more than articulating yourself well, it is also about actively listening and managing expectations. 
  • Adaptability - during the lifecycle of a project, there could be shifting priorities, and unexpected challenges that require project managers to be flexible, think on their feet, and easily adjust to changing circumstances. 
  • Leadership - project managers guide teams through the project so leadership skills are essential in ensuring that the team is working towards a common goal and collaborating effectively. 
  • Critical thinking - this skill is very important as project managers often make executive decisions that can change the course of a project which means understanding the objectives of the projects and looking at the facts and data is critical in informing decisions. 

Hard skills of a project manager 

Hard skills are essential for the efficient planning, execution, and completion of the project. 

  • Technical expertise - depending on the scope of the project, project managers need technical expertise in engineering or infrastructure principles, for example. This allows them to enhance efficiency on their projects. 
  • Data analysis - this skill is the ability to analyze project data, generate insights, and prepare reports for stakeholders to provide project updates and performance metrics. 
  • Risk assessment - project managers need the ability to identify and mitigate risks whilst minimizing negative impacts. 

As an AtkinsRéalis employee, your career advancement is of paramount importance to us. After all, your technical competencies help us gain a competitive advantage. So we'll make sure you will enjoy opportunities for niche development at every career stage.

Step up the career ladder and find your next job opportunity in project management with AtkinsRéalis 

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