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Our Digital World AtkinsRealis India

Welcome to Digital World

Our Global technology Center in India is home to the AtkinsRéalis Group’s center of excellence. We’re well into our digital transformation journey, and it’s propelling us forward in every aspect of our business. With us, you'll be surrounded by a multicultural workforce driven by a fierce pride in their work and a pioneering vision to support your succeeding career. Together, we can deliver projects which have a positive, sustainable impact on the world.

Everything is Connected

To us, digital is more than just a label. It’s fundamental to our way of working. It has the power to transform outcomes, when combined with every element of the engineering process: our people, our data insights and our technology.

Integrating digital expertise with our decades of engineering excellence and our expert global teams, means we can design solutions that work across the entire project life cycle, and at scale. Like never before, we can unlock the full potential of our engineering expertise and help us to disrupt the status quo, for the future, and for the better.

Digital should never be just about digital. It’s about creating cutting-edge solutions that offer increased predictability and certainty; to maximize whole-life asset value, improve commercial performance, achieve sustainability goals and reduce environmental impact. Because everything is connected.

Make a Difference

The Digital Automation team in India is a robust group of individuals striving to make a difference in the AEC industry through the power of technology. Using state of the art digital capabilities we aim to enhance engineering project experience through improved predictability, consistent quality and streamlined delivery. Technology in our domain is here to stay and we believe in leading the way.

Why join us? Shape future with us

We are a team of 150 digital specialists with a wide spectrum of technical skillsets to deliver solutions throughout the life cycle of an engineering project from Design to Build to Operate phases, across multiple domains.

We solve traditional engineering problems through digitizing and digitalizing techniques driven by detailed business analysis. Our capabilities range from CAD Customizations, BIM Automation, Process Integration & Automation, Asset Management, Web & Mobile Development, Project Management, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Generative Design, and Immersive media are offered to a wide client base.

Through our in-house Centres of Excellence, by adopting industry accepted best practices quality and consistency of digital development is maintained while enabling excellence.

When you join us, you'll be a part of this genuinely collaborative environment, where everyone's voice is valued and treated equally as we offer unparalleled opportunities for talented individuals in search of a rewarding career. Our Global Technology Centers in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi provide AtkinsRéalis ’s worldwide offices with remote design and support. Daily international exposure means endless opportunities to hone and acquire skills. You’ll also experience mentorship from colleagues who are global leaders in their fields.

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