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Insights Anglia route asset management plans

Network Rail required 7 Asset Management Plans (AMPs) for their major structures on their Anglia route to estimate the Whole Life Costs (WLC) and the associated interventions (Life Cycle Planning) for each of the structures. In addition, Atkins complied the entire report which included information about the structure location and history, as well as structure management and asset management policies and objectives.

The DAM team provided the AMPs through the modelling of alternative investment options and covering the major asset categories. Additionally they also provided the following:
  • Mapping of railway defect data to highway data and back to railway data in order to run the Structures Investment Toolkit (SIT) and then present it in the NR format 
  • Running the SIT for 8 major NR structures 
  • Analyse the output data with asset management experience 
  • Created a Track AMP for the sister bridges (Manea Bridges) by working with other parts of Atkins to determine realistic cost and repair profiles and developed a basic (first principles) tool. Track maintenance data was fed into the model to produce the AMP.