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Insights Apprenticeships: The power to change the future

Stacy Fletcher | Apprentice recruitment advisor

09 March 2018

Atkins apprenticeships offer the next generation of aspiring engineers a huge boost into amazing careers. Our apprentice opportunities are exceptional – from experiencing real work first hand to learning the theory behind the job, apprentices can train all the way up to a masters degree. But with the theme of National Apprentice Week being ‘Works for Me’, it’s a good time to ask: do apprenticeships really work for Atkins?

Competing in the skills race

Apprenticeships have always been solid career routes into engineering. Today, with a serious skills gap in our sector, there’s no better time for us to be training up the exact skills we need. For Atkins this means brilliant young people can grow with the business, gaining an in-depth understanding of their roles and developing an enthusiastic loyalty to the business. Crucially, by nurturing new talent in the STEM sectors, we’re future-proofing our own growth as well as that of the wider industry.

A leg up for brilliant thinkers

Not every future engineer can afford to go to university. That’s why we’re giving an alternative to young people with ambition, skills and big ideas. Through our apprentice scheme they can continue to learn, while thriving in a supportive work environment. Each year since our scheme officially started, we’ve taken on 60 to 80 apprentices. 2018 will be our largest intake yet, with 90 to 100 fresh faces. By opening up opportunities for Generation Z, we’re tapping into a talent pool whose digital aptitude can be shaped to develop the technology of tomorrow.

Infectious enthusiasm and new ideas

Teams who work with Atkins apprentices are finding how these gifted, free thinkers are helping to bring more than just a positive dynamic to the work place. They’re encouraging our engineers to look at projects in new ways, while developing existing colleagues’ digital expertise. Most importantly, with a fearless naivety, they relish the stimulation and responsibility that tough projects bring. And many have already been recognised with awards.

Selling apprenticeships to parents and teachers

The biggest hurdles to the programme are misgivings from parent and teacher ‘influencers’. Apprenticeships are seen as back-up options to university degrees. Teachers don’t fully appreciate the benefits of apprenticeships, and are driven by stats that still heavily focus on the percentage of university entrants.

So this year, as part of the Year of Engineering, Atkins is working hard to change these perceptions. As well as reaching out to young people about the different paths to becoming an engineer, we’re inspiring influencers by showing how beneficial an apprenticeship can be.

A big part of our present. A massive part of our future

Today Atkins employs apprentices across 27 different locations and 11 discipline areas, regardless of gender or background. We believe that as the apprenticeship culture grows, Atkins and the larger industry will shift public misconceptions. We also believe apprenticeship training will continue to play a significant part in the brave new future of our business.

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