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Insights Transport planner Penny Gilg's career story

What is Transport Planning?

As a transport planner you may find yourself working on any number of projects which aim to prepare, assess and implement policies, plans and projects to manage and improve our transport systems. The work of a transport planner touches almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives, shaping our towns and cities to create a world where the economy and the environment can thrive. As a Transport Planner your impact on the day to day lives of the people around you is tangible and you can expect to enjoy a highly varied and stimulating work stream.

We believe that no matter what your background, if you have a passion for transforming our towns and cities then many existing skills can be applied successfully thanks to the support and training provided by Atkins.

Career Overview:

Penny started her career Project Managing construction projects in the railway industry.  She was keen to learn more about earlier phases of infrastructure projects and undertake technical work herself.  This led her to a role at Atkins in the Transport Planning team.   

Since joining the team she has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects learning a breadth of technical skills.  She found she preferred some to others and has been able to shape her career and the projects she works on to spend more time using the skills she favours. She is a client facing technical project manager for medium size projects. 

She spends some of her time compiling business cases on behalf of local authorities to local government.   For example, a bid for £250million from the Ministry of Communities Homes & Local Govt. she also works on much smaller projects like a 0.5million bid for improvements to a local station.  She also works on optioneering and concept designs. Mainly around proposals to encourage active mode and sustainable travel trips at rail stations, along bus routes and around public realm schemes. 

Atkins have supported her in attending additional training courses and presenting at conferences. She is a on the committee of Atkins’ staff network for those affected by and interested in disabilities – ENABLE and is a member of office netball team. 

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