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Insights October at SNC-Lavalin: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group, hosts and participates in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) activities for the month of October.

As the world celebrates Global Diversity Awareness month in October, we’ve dedicated this month to our first-ever ED&I month. This month-long campaign is meant to broaden our awareness about ED&I at AtkinsRéalis by giving us a chance to learn more about each other, recognize the breadth of human experience in our organization and most importantly to celebrate it.

We had many exciting activities to participate in all month-long such as Panel Discussions, Ted Talks, ED&I Book Club and more. We also shared employee videos from around the globe and learning what ED&I means to them. 

In today’s globalized and complex business environment, having a diverse workforce is fundamental to our success as a tier-one international company. The diversity of characteristics, knowledge and approaches that employees bring enhances our ability to provide value-added performance and better serve our clients and business partners. 

But we did not embark on an ED&I journey just for the competitive advantage it can give us; we also believe that to embody our values and to sustain the culture based on collaboration and development which we strive for.  With high diversity and high inclusion, we can achieve a globally representative workforce and a supportive work environment that is filled with highly diverse and highly engaged talent.

image showing how diversity encompasses many visible and invisible human attributes

Let’s keep the conversation going!

this is a image which shows how can my company show my community that ED&I is a priority to us. This includes sponsoring events, organisations and partnering with non profits.

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