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Insights Why are civil engineering jobs in the US on the rise?

Imagine being part of a dynamic team where cutting-edge technology meets the challenges of tomorrow. That's what our civil engineers step up to every day. On one project they might be untangling the knots of a transportation system and the next they'll be delivering clean water and safeguarding against floods. You might call them community builders.

In a world where brilliance meets demand, these professionals are at the forefront of transformative initiatives, ranging from green recovery and smart city evolution to technology innovation and diversification. It should come as no surprise then, that there's a rising demand for their expertise.

Read on to find out more about how these professionals are shaping the American landscape and explore whether there's a place for you on this journey.

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Green recovery

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 5% growth rate for civil engineering vacancies from now until 2032, which is faster than average. One factor driving this is sustainable growth.

Green recovery is about long-term climate change and sustainability goals. Who better than civil engineers to work alongside the US government to design eco-friendly infrastructure with green spaces, incorporate renewable energy sources and sustainable materials, and plan smart public transportation systems?

Smart cities

According to the United Nations, 68% of the world's population is expected to live in smart cities by 2025. Not only can they offer a solution to traffic congestion, enhance citizen and government engagement and provide safer communities, but they also create new opportunities within green engineering. The rise of smart cities is just one example of how civil engineers can help build a greener future.

The Enabling Better Infrastructure program was set up to ensure that civil engineers can do just this. Initiated by the Institution of Civil Engineers, it explores and celebrates infrastructure built for societal needs, factoring in considerations such as climate change and urbanization.


Engineering has always evolved rapidly, but the digital transformation in the engineering sector has accelerated over the last few years. As the sector becomes more data-led, engineering and construction companies are increasingly using advanced data analytics.

Data has earned itself a reputation for being a powerful resource within engineering because of the better-informed decisions that professionals and leaders can make by tapping into analytics. Take BIM as an example. As the Building Information Modelling software becomes increasingly sophisticated, 4D, 5D, and even 6D BIM models enable civil engineers to envisage better design.

Our team delivering Project Neon in Las Vegas used BIM to create 3D visualizations that help detect clashes in the early stages. This makes the role of civil engineers all the more vital, illustrating the increasing demand for them on construction projects.

Another reason the industry is embracing data is that it can reveal vulnerabilities in the supply chain, information that can then be used to mitigate the risks. This has become an increasingly important factor to consider in the wake of the pandemic as supply chains are still in recovery mode and expect to be for some time.

A more diverse workforce

Civil engineering jobs, like many others, were traditionally office-based roles. Now, more companies are offering remote and hybrid opportunities. They're also investing in sophisticated technology that provides engineers with an interface where they can collaborate virtually and ensure that construction activity doesn’t face any more roadblocks than needed.

The engineering sector has made small strides towards becoming more accessible; and in the face of pressing societal and economic challenges, having a dynamic and forward-thinking team is paramount. But the work doesn't stop there, and here at AtkinsRéalis, we're constantly evaluating how we can actively encourage diversity and inclusion in civil engineering.

Bring world-class projects to life with AtkinsRéalis

At AtkinsRéalis, we're growing both in our existing offices and in new locations. To ensure we continue pushing the boundaries of engineering, we’re looking for more talented professionals who are invigorated by the idea of working with cutting-edge technology.

Alongside some of the top talent in the fields of engineering and design, you’ll bring world-class projects to life and shape the future of civil engineering.

Whether you're an experienced professional, or you're jumpstarting your early career, don’t miss out on our latest vacancies. Browse civil engineering roles in the US and find out more about the work you’ll be delivering day-to-day.