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Insights Luis Molina, Senior Project Coordinator

“The ability to communicate with others, regardless of nationality and age, is important for a rewarding job”

Perhaps unusually for an employee in an engineering company, Luis Molina’s career began with studies in communications and broadcasting. But being able to connect with others has been a major asset as he collaborates with people around the globe and coordinates several different tasks. Part of Linxon from its day one in Bahrain, he describes the company as family and hopes to see it grow from strength to strength.

Open-mindedness and adaptability are the name of the game for Luis, who’s a master of multi-tasking. “I work in project management support, which means I handle a number of different areas, from supply chain management, to document controlling and assistant to the project manager,” he says. “I enjoy it, as it allows me to see how different departments in Linxon work together.” How does he manage many different tasks in one role? “Being proactive, systematic and organized, despite the pressures of time and of resources, helps me support my organization,” he explains. “These characteristics are important to ensure that no task is left unfinished or doesn’t meet the quality that we want to achieve.” Luis’s background also supports this coordination. He originally gained a BA in Mass Communication, majoring in broadcasting, from Manila’s Centro Escolar University in the Philippines, his home country. “The ability to communicate with others, regardless of nationality and age, is important for a rewarding job,” he adds.

Strength in diversity

Luis goes on to underline the value he sees in working closely with people from different walks of life. “Linxon is like a family, it’s my second home. One thing that stands out is the opportunity to support units from another part of the globe,” he says. In fact, even though he’s based in Bahrain, he is lead document controller for the UK’s Seagreen project, which will be Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm once complete.

“What makes me proud to work for Linxon is the openness to collaborate with different nationalities, which enables us to find concrete solutions to complex problems,” he continues. “Different insights are a strong foundation for a company to be able to maintain its reliability and competitiveness in this industry.”

The chance to work on the Seagreen project has helped Luis grow not only as an employee, but also as a person, as he has learnt how to master the challenges and pressure in dealing with a more diverse organization. “During this time, I was not in competition with anyone but myself,” he says, “as I had to maintain the trust and confidence placed in me.”

With Linxon from the start

One of the reasons why Luis feels this family connection is that he’s grown with Linxon while Linxon has grown as a company. Luis has been with Linxon from its first day in Bahrain in early 2019, and he knew from the beginning that his journey in this joint venture would be worthwhile. In particular, he praises his mentor, Paolo Pozzi, who gave him confidence in his own tasks, while showing how a vision can be translated into strong leadership and pursuing a purpose.

Luis hopes to see the success continue at Linxon. “I have seen the company grow with my own eyes,” he concludes. “I’ve put in as much time, blood, sweat and tears to my tasks as I can, and the best thing for me is that Linxon will continue to soar higher in the industry.”