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Insights How Somya is visualizing and creating a better world as an architect at Atkins

Meet Somya Sharma, a talented Associate Group Architect, and the project delivery manager for Nuclear New Build, Gurugram office. 

Somya has led the Revit Delivery for Hinkley Point C and other infrastructure projects; she built a solid, diverse team with 30+ professionals. Now her focus is to create a Centre of excellence in Gurgaon which encompasses digital adoption, upskilling staff and unlocking value addition. 

She also leads various initiatives like Corporate Social Responsibility and Equality Diversity & Inclusion. Somya has also represented our Global Technology Centre, India on different global platforms and has won many accolades. 

Recently, she also undertook the additional role of BIM Practice Lead in Gurugram where she will be leading the BIM community – focusing on stakeholder engagement, mentoring, team operations and supporting GTC to move further up the value chain.

Somya headshot

Why architecture?

"I come from a family background of Engineers and have grown up seeing things being created and built. So, eventually, it was passed on to me and impacted me in a way where I really wished to pursue the same with Architecture. I have always dreamt of visualizing and creating a better world and Atkins has made way for that."

Tell us your views on the need for CSR activities in corporate surroundings

"The moment I stepped into Atkins, I was introduced to the CSR and ED&I Initiatives which intrigued me. I was involved from day one, as the idea of wanting to give back to society is what I have always believed in and thanks to Atkins for making it possible.

One of the best experiences, and something dear to my heart, is the Initiative of Udhayan Care - one of our key CSR flagship initiatives. We have been supporting the education of 21 young girls to build and create a better future for them, and oan my recent visit I was delighted to be surprised by them with a heartwarming card saying 'Welcome Somya Didi.' It gives me immense joy to play my part in building a more robust generation and that is why Udhayan Care is an initiative I carry forward with all my heart and soul." 

How have you grown as an ED&I ally with Atkins? 

"One must be inclusive, accountable, proactive and be the voice of change. For me, coming into the role of the ED&I India lead and taking ahead all the networks collaboratively has helped me in shaping the diverse group and forums. We have strengthened and ensured that everyone is heard, valued and celebrated. It’s all driven by an optimistic approach, and passion and with everyone’s support, we’ve beautifully carved the ED&I path and established a strong foundation of ED&I India globally. 

We measure our success with our flagship programs like Female Mentoring, Reverse Mentoring, Redesign, Pride Month celebrations, LGBTQIA+ Exclusive Fairs, Allyship and other such programs where the staff is immensely benefitted in their professional career journey and feel appreciated. 

I believe that we, at Atkins, have the potential and support to make changes in every sector and can make a huge difference, as being different makes the difference."

Which one of these Initiatives are you really elevated about?

"There are too many to name! But going with the one closest to me is the reverse mentorship. Where the senior leadership and juniors are involved to hear perspectives from both ends. This not only helps people in their careers but also makes everyone feel included towards the growth of the company by playing a part in it and being acknowledged. We have received valuable feedback on this initiative as well!"

How do you feel about women in leadership?

"We see a lot of women in leadership holding the projects and digital fort strong. I love the sight of women leading projects, being heard, and being vocalized through the platforms like WBN and other platforms that ED&I initiatives provide. It has immensely helped women spread awareness and has encouraged them to build their career trajectories. 

We are getting there but it’s still a long way to go and Atkins as an organization is on the right path."

Somya, how does Atkins help its employees with upskilling and their career progression?

"It’s always about adding skillsets in one’s portfolio and about the value proposition. We have professional accreditation for architects and engineering professionals. 

At Atkins, you will find that we have launched “BIM – Aspire to Excel” which is helping professionals in their career development. Various training and leadership sessions are scheduled to upskill the staff and unlock their true potential. I am the scheme owner for CIAT - Professional Accreditations, which has conducted various L&D sessions to help the GTC aspirants towards accreditation and chartership for their growth in professional development. 

These campaigns and sessions have aided employees to grow, specifically catering towards new software skillsets to match their competency. We always brainstorm and bring in new ideas to diversify our thoughts with different projects. This is one of the reasons that keep our employees up to standard at GTC!"

Has there been any transformation in the Architecture world, and what are your predictions?

"The world of Architecture is now expanded into the digital domain. The amalgamation of technology and architectural skillset is what the new industry is all about. It has come a long way now; from the conventional 2D or 3D to digital twin, asset management, 4D, 5D, 6D, and BIM. 

We have come forth digitally adopting more digital tools for the near future and are looking towards technology to help us climb the ladder." 

What do you enjoy outside of work?

"In my free time, you will find me making charcoal sketches and painting on canvas. Apart from that, I really like travelling and exploring new places which helps me rejuvenate. Also, gardening is something that piques my interest very much; back home I have a beautiful garden that I love to nurture and nourish! 

Health is Wealth - fitness is very important to stay motivated, so I always ensure that I continue playing my favourite sport badminton or do some happy dancing. These little hobbies help me reboot and keep me energized to maintain my well-being. Thanks to the work-life balance we have at Atkins!"

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