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Insights Turki Ghesheyan improved his skills through our Saudi Graduate Development Program

How Turki Ghesheyan Has Improved his Skills Through Our Saudi Graduate Development Program

Tell us a little bit about yourself  

My name is Turki, I am architectural engineer that graduated from Dar AlUloom University in Riyadh with first honours. Prior to joining Atkins, I was the head of the design department at a company called ‘Wasat’, working on small commercial projects. Also, I worked at Module as an architect.  

Can you tell us about your experience with the Saudi Graduate Development Program? 

I joined Atkins’ Saudi Graduate Development program as an architect, and it fulfilled my dreams of working on the Saudi Vision 2030 projects. I worked on King Salman Park, Diriyah Gate, and other exciting projects. My role is to assist the lead architect with some key tasks, including modelling, designing, sketching, and drafting technical drawings.  A great thing about this program is that my English language has really improved, as well as my presentation skills and software use.   

The program provides a great work environment where everyone is supportive and professional. It also gives you the opportunity to support the Saudi Vision 2030 through various projects. Also, I would like to encourage Saudis who do not speak English well to not feel discouraged, because mine has greatly improved in six months. Also, English is not our first language, so it is okay to make mistakes and practice makes perfect. 

What kind of resources and support did you receive? 

I was given a lot of support from my line manager, mentor, and the talent attraction team. They have helped me with retrieving information and gaining the confidence to work on complex projects.  

What skills did you develop the most during the program?

I’ve developed my technical skills further by becoming more proficient on key software, such as Excel, in Design, Photoshop. Sketchup, and AutoCAD.  

What are some of the challenges you faced? and how did you overcome them? 

Some of the challenges I faced were learning how to interact with clients and submit deliverables on time, meeting key stakeholders’ expectations. Working closely with my line manager helped me address these challenges.  

What advice would you give? 

You need to be proactive and take initiative in your own learning.