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Insights 4 reasons 2023 is the year to pursue an environmental career

Engineers are always at the forefront of innovation and change. That’s why they play such an essential role in tackling climate change in Canada. Canada is one of the world’s biggest consumers of fossil fuels and electricity, due to its extreme climate and massive landmass. That’s why technologies like clean transportation are so essential to the country’s growth.

Of course, Canada is not alone in its pressing need to implement green technology and meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And at AtkinsRéalis , we’ve set our own goals to highlight our firm commitment to protecting and respecting the planet: our ESG measurement categories

These 17 goals have been carefully designed to tackle poverty, gender inequality, climate change, unsustainable cities, and more. To reach the SDGs, companies worldwide are incentivized to focus on making their operations more sustainable. Working for AtkinsRéalis in Canada, you’ll have the chance to make a difference and help the planet while advancing your career.

If you’re looking for a challenge, there are a number of increasingly complex and diverse sustainability careers available to qualified candidates who want to make a difference.

two people in hard hats and high visibility jackets looking at wind turbines in the distance

Reason 1: More career paths available than ever before

Canada’s job market remains buoyant, with more than 150,000 jobs added in January 2023 alone. Engineers are in high demand, with mechanical engineers being the third most in-demand job in 2023.

Environmental careers offer many opportunities to progress. Whether you’re working as a consultant or a manager, the industry is expanding rapidly and offering countless new leadership roles for motivated professionals. Just take the role of a geotechnical engineer. From helping design flood protection to supporting waste containment technologies, they play a critical role in minimising the environmental impact of a project.

AtkinsRéalis is leading the way in environment careers – there are plenty of opportunities to progress across Canada and around the world.

Reason 2: The development of cleantech

Cleantech refers to an array of new technologies and processes developed to make existing industries more environmentally responsible. Today, you’ll find cleantech solutions across businesses of all kinds, and companies need skilled experts to plan, develop, and operate these tools.

As cleantech continues to expand and grow in the environment sector and others, many satisfying careers are available. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Canada, which is warming at twice the global average rate. Being a grand country with a massive temperature range that demands high energy usage, innovative cleantech solutions are in great demand.

Reason 3: We’re at a critical point

Climate activists have been saying it for years – we’re at a critical point when it comes to the environment. Our Engineering Net Zero report ‘Is Canada on track to meet its 2030 targets?’ illustrates that if we act now, we can save the planet. But we need talented people to dedicate their careers to the cause.

That’s where you come in. With a career in environmental science and planning, you can lead the way forward. Environmental management jobs focus on solving the challenges of green infrastructure while also capitalizing on its opportunities, improving environmental impacts on people’s lives and creating sustainable solutions.

Reason 4: You can work around the globe

As climate issues creep to the top of many nations’ agendas, there are more opportunities and environment management jobs available around the world. Canada is just one prime example, but with AtkinsRéalis on your resume, you can open many doors internationally.

AtkinsRéalis ’s Group also includes Atkins, Faithful+Gould, and Acuity. We are a fully integrated professional services and project management company with offices around the world, providing services across numerous industries and proud to do so. With the experience you gain here in Canada, the sky is the limit for your future career.

Environment-conscious candidates find success at AtkinsRéalis Canada

AtkinsRéalis is dedicated to helping Canada meet the UN’s SDGs and improving its commitment to cleantech. Reaching our NetZero goals is a number one priority and we believe we’re on the right track to help our clients deliver projects more sustainably.

Canada has a high quality of life, an abundance of engineering jobs, and excellent opportunities - there is no place better for your career and no better company than AtkinsRéalis . Check out current environment and geoscience jobs, sustainability consultant jobs, and environ mental management jobs, and be sure to sign up for the talent community.