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Insights How our drainage engineers at Atkins go beyond sustainable infrastructure

What does a drainage engineer do? 

Drainage engineers, also known as water resources engineers, are responsible for designing, managing, and maintaining systems that control and manage water flow. 

Here at Atkins, our drainage engineers are more than just engineers, they are custodians of change. They are making a difference to our future by helping to reduce, contain, treat and return wastewater. 

After all, our future depends on water - the world’s most vital and complex resource. Learn more about how our drainage engineers go beyond sustainable infrastructure, our culture, and career opportunities within the business. 

Beyond sustainable infrastructure

We’re on a mission to engineer a better future for our planet and its people by creating sustainable solutions that connect people, data and technology. 

At Atkins, you’ll be working on projects that are not only technically challenging but also socially and environmentally meaningful. So if you are looking for a highly motivating and fulfilling career, we may have a spot for you. 

Here is specifically what sets us apart from other engineering firms: 

  1. We are driven by finding new and better ways of doing things, and tackling some of the biggest challenges facing our industry – and the wider world – head on. 
  2. We have the breadth of capabilities to deliver results at every stage of a project’s lifespan, and the technology and data insights to continually push solutions to the next level. 

What does this mean for our drainage engineers? 

These two factors combined have several benefits for our drainage engineers. 

Professional development 

Finding new and better ways of doing things fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. 

The water industry comes with complex challenges and our drainage engineers are encouraged to explore creative solutions to address these challenges. This allows for new skills and knowledge to be developed. 

We understand how important professional development is for our colleagues and a career at Atkins means support from our teams so that you can stay at the forefront of your field and continuously grow. 

Project variety 

Atkins’ ability to provide end-to-end solutions opens up opportunities across the lifecycle of a project. 

Not only do our drainage engineers get the opportunity to work on global projects, but they are also exposed to various aspects of drainage engineering. This broadens their expertise and experience, making them more versatile professionals.

Access to the latest technologies 

Having access to technology and data insights equips our drainage engineers with cutting-edge tools and resources to optimise their work. 

To us, digital is more than just a label. It’s fundamental to our way of working. We can unlock the full potential of our engineering expertise to disrupt the status quo and change the way our industry operates for the better. And we can do this together. 

Push the boundaries of Water with Atkins

A career at Atkins isn't just about engineering a better planet through sustainable infrastructure; it's about engineering a brighter future for you and your career. 

Our diverse range of projects at every scale means you can find the path that resonates with your career aspirations and goals. 

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