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Insights Embark on a journey of professional development and success with Sweta

Hello, I'm Sweta, a Senior Landscape Architect based in Bengaluru, India, and I'm excited to share my journey with AtkinsRéalis. From the moment I joined, I embraced challenges head-on, quickly becoming a key contributor to our Landscape, Urban Design, and Planning team's success.

Photo of Sweta smiling towards the camera

Early achievements that set things to motion

One of my early achievements was leading projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), a thrilling venture for our Indian team. Working with new clients and unique landscapes, I was able to showcase adaptability, creative thinking, and technical leadership, turning challenges into opportunities. I earned the trust of clients by navigating ambiguity, handling pressure, and delivering innovative solutions.

Contributions I could bring to the table

1. Beyond Work

Beyond project leadership, I played a pivotal role in expanding our Landscape and Public Realm team in the Middle East, mentoring colleagues and driving strategic growth. Under my guidance, our team flourished, embracing new opportunities and achieving remarkable growth.

2. Current Scope of Work

In my current role overseeing Land Development from GTC, India, I bring together a diverse range of services including Landscape & Public Realm, Urban Design & Master Planning, Infrastructure Services, GIS, and Sustainability. My focus on organizational alignment and strategic vision has fueled the structured growth of our Land Development practice.

3. A journey for the books

My journey reflects AtkinsRéalis’ commitment to collaboration and excellence. Through my leadership, we've built strong client relationships and elevated Land Development as a core practice.

So what’s the bottom line?

When you join AtkinsRéalis, there is no dearth of opportunities and the stories you will hear around will only motivate you to up your game. We have a strong workplace culture because we all truly value growth, collaboration, and belonging.

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