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Insights Isn't this the flexible working culture you were looking for?

Hello, I am Vitória, a professional civil engineer. I graduated in 2015 in Brazil, and in 2018, wanting to add some skills to my CV, I arrived in Ireland to study English. Feeling more confident towards the end of my studies, I started looking for a job as an engineer. In February 2020, I got my first opportunity to work in cost management and controls in Dublin, where I worked on many different projects – pharma, refurbishment of heritage buildings, railway, and more. I stayed with the same consulting company for four very good years and decided that it was time to take a step forward in my career.

Photo of Vitoria smiling towards the camera.

Joining AtkinsRéalis in Ireland

In March 2024, I became the first complex infrastructure team employee in Ireland as part of AtkinsRéalis' growth strategy. As a cost manager I manage estimates and cost control for transportation, aviation, water, and other specialties. As a team, we're involved in all project phases, from the concept to the handover.

Why I chose to work at AtkinsRéalis

AtkinsRéalis offers employees many opportunities to seek knowledge in different areas of expertise. I chose to work here because I felt I had the chance to build strong professional relationships, be in contact with other sectors – such as design, project management - and be part of a company that cares about the future of our planet and its people.

"I feel I can learn so much here, have contact with so many people and cultures, and grow professionally and personally."
-Vitória, Cost Manager

Photo of Vitoria smiling towards the camera.

Welcoming and supporting people's differences

As a woman, I faced many challenges in the first 10 or so years I worked in the construction sector. I was also always afraid of being judged because of my accent and the language barriers. Since my interview, I've felt welcome and part of a group here. AtkinsRéalis is present in many parts of the world and employs people from different countries, religions and backgrounds. There is no place or acceptance for judgment or any type of exclusion in the company culture. The culture and values are that everybody should feel comfortable. We have our social clubs and events which give us amazing opportunities to get to know each other and learn about our colleagues.

"AtkinsRéalis treats its employees equally. You're seen as the person you are or choose to be. What matters is the professionalism you bring to the organization."
-Vitoria, Cost Manager

Flexible working starts on day one at AtkinsRéalis

The organization is really committed to ensuring that employees can enjoy its flexible culture from the beginning. The flexible hours help me get to the office outside rush hours, avoiding traffic for a few hours a day. I leave my house early in the morning and still get back home in time to deal with my personal appointments.

"Flexible hours make me more productive. As an early bird, I concentrate better early in the day."
-Vitória, Cost Manager

Photo of Vitoria in the wild with a deer.

I can work at home in Brazil up to 20 days a year!

My family doesn't live in Ireland. So, when I accepted the AtkinsRéalis job offer, one of the dealmakers for me was having the freedom to work out of the country for a few days a year. AtkinsRéalis comprehends this as an international organization with many employees from other countries working in each office.

How I #MakeItBrilliant at AtkinsRéalis

As part of the new complex infrastructure team in Ireland, I'm excited to be in close contact with innovative projects that positively impact people's lives. We can see that in a few decades, we will still remember our part in that. Another thing that motivates me is the chance to grow into roles that align with my professional aspirations. At the right time, I will be able to mentor and inspire younger professionals in the company.

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