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Insights It's time for opportunity in our Project & Programme Services team.

Meet David, Managing Quantity Surveyor in the Project & Programme Services team in the UK. Starting as an Assistant Quantity Surveyor nearly eight years ago, David has advanced through an impressive range of projects in civils, highways, and public realms. Now, he's leading commercial efforts on major highways and urban development schemes in the complex infrastructure team, while nurturing our commercial team in the Southwest and Wales.

Photo of David with his dog near the beach

What is it like working for AtkinsRéalis?

I've enjoyed the way AtkinsRéalis has provided me with opportunities to grow, develop, and progress in my role. The support I've been offered and the investment in individuals from around the business means that you always feel like you're moving forward on a personal and professional level.

What's the culture like in the Project & Programme Services team?

The people we work with are more than colleagues. We all look out for one another and help drive each other forwards. We all have lives outside of work and value the importance of striking that work/life balance to ensure our well-being and happiness where it matters. We have a flexible working culture where colleagues feel trusted to manage their work, regardless of where they do it. And, no matter your work pattern, you know your career progression is a priority and will be supported.

Photo of David and his friend with the dog

How do you and your team deliver better for the planet?

Sustainability is key to my role. With challenges like climate change and the housing crisis, my work goes beyond managing costs. It's about shaping a future where our projects not only serve their immediate purpose but also contribute positively to the environment - we provide key infrastructure to local areas whilst promoting active travel and sustainable/green drainage solutions. I'm proud of my team, who are experts in sustainability and energy efficiency. We have opportunities on every project to drive change and make significant contributions to a better world.

What does the future hold for you inside AtkinsRéalis?

As the team grows, and it will likely do so significantly this year, I have the opportunity to give back and provide the next generation with the same support I received when I joined, while continuing to drive the team forward. We have a huge number of opportunities coming up because of our continued efforts across multiple sectors, and I'm looking forward to embracing the challenges that will come with them.

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