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Insights Norway’s biggest ever transport project. Wouldn’t you love that on your CV?

Reconstruction of Oslo Central Station

One thing you’re guaranteed of when you work for Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group, is big, exciting projects. And in rail terms, they don’t come much bigger than our expansion of Oslo Central Station.

It’s Norway’s biggest and most complex infrastructure project to date. Taking nearly a decade to complete, it will have a significant impact on communities and the environment. Undaunted, our amazing teams have pulled together from around the world to engineer an incredible piece of rail history. 

Faster. Bigger. Smarter. Greener.

One of the region’s biggest-ever projects is the Great Belt Bridge, yet this rail project has a budget three times that. It comprises seven new tracks at Oslo Central built in a new 600m long tunnel under the historic medieval park. (For numbers geeks, the interconnection system is drastically expanded with 30 new switches, approximately 80 new signals and 80 new track sections!)

The magnitude of risk and disruption has been enormous. Yet throughout an extremely long and intricate construction process, our diverse teams have managed to keep Norway’s largest railway station operational.

image of construction in Norway

High-speed history

The new section now connects to a 22 km high-speed track from Oslo to Ski in the Fallo district, 20 kilometres of which is a twin-tube tunnel. Indeed, it’s the longest railway tunnel in the country and an exciting piece of history for our people to be involved in.

From planning to geotechnical assessments, and modelling to construction management, our specialist teams have embraced every challenge thrown at them. What’s more, it was a true international collaboration involving some of the most specialized project management and rail engineering skills in the world – from Scandinavia to Bangalore. 

An 11-minute journey, 30 years in the making

Planning began in the 1990s, and when it’s finished in December 2024, the new line will change lives and improve the future of the region. 

It’s not just about the 250km/h speed, more trains and enhanced travel experience (halving the journey time from Oslo Central to Ski to 11 minutes). It’s also about taking hundreds of cars off the road by boosting rush-hour rail capacity by 63% – and increasing rail freight enough to remove 750 trucks daily from the main E18 Route.

It’s a legacy that our teams can be proud of for decades and decades to come.

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