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Insights AMAALA, Experiencing Marine Life in the Red Sea

The ME&A Site Operations team in KSA is delighted to have been awarded a Call Off Order under the existing Construction Supervision Framework Agreement with The AMAALA Company for the Red Sea Marine Life Institute project (RSMLI). 

“This is a fabulous win to start off 2023! Being the first significant project awarded by AMAALA under the construction supervision framework. I am confident that the project team will set the same high delivery standards that our teams at The Red Sea Development have done, leading to considerable repeat business from this important client from their major pipeline over the next few years. Well done everyone,” commented Randal Kliskey, KSA Site Operations Director. 

RSMLI will bring together world-class science and research specialists, and a premium exhibition experience, creating a Marine haven devoted to science-led experiences. The development includes research facilities (laboratories, aquarium and submarine research) and public areas, including a spectacular ‘Grand Reveal’ allowing visitors to view the surrounding Red Sea coral reefs from within the building. The facility will be home to one of the world’s largest constructed reefs, measuring an astonishing 40 meters long and 10 meters deep. 

The Superstructure 

The Superstructure gains inspiration from hard coral form from the Red Sea. The dedicated cluster of polyp forms a freestanding canopy, composed of alternating modules of similar coral forms. Each one of these chambers reflect the robust tactile nature of coral formations. 

Visitors will enjoy the immersive experiences in the exhibits in the Ground floor, lower ground floor and upper ground floor, each of the prospective exhibits is to be located within each of the respective chambers. 

To continue the premium immersive experience, as well as help facilitate the real-time research of the Red Sea, there will be a dedicated submarine hanger for the two RSMLI ROVs, a 7-seater and 9-seat unit. Submarines are moved around the space with the help of the 16-ton double girder Gantry crane standing on an independent steel structure from buildings below ground contract structure. 

The Coral Regeneration 

The Coral Regeneration facility is the first part of the Scientific Journey, a hard science working environment that is a showcase for coral research showing the ongoing programs being undertaken by various researchers and scientists. The coral regeneration facility will allow for IVF and fragging reproduction techniques. The open plan design allows for the access of non-researching visitors to be shown around and learn. 

The Grand Reveal Area 

The Grand Reveal Area is at the end of the extraordinary RSMLI immersive experience, guiding visitors from the lower ground floor area and descending to a depth of -10m through the provision of a single escalator. The Grand Reveal area is 28m tall (floor finish to ceiling height) spaces, designed to give the visitor the feeling that they have descended to the depths of the Red Sea. 

To witness how the research of the RSMLI will benefit not only the Red Sea, but also wider global seas and oceans, the visitor will be able to view rehabilitated animals and products of the fish breeding, and also the planting of coral grown from within the RSMLI.   

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