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Our future depends on water - the world’s most vital and complex resource. Our clients are facing issues such as growing populations, climate change and pollution. So, we’re looking for thinkers to help us tackle these challenges head-on.

We’ve been designing and building water infrastructure around the world for more than a century. We protect water sources, design water plants, return wastewater safely to the ecosystem, and finalize flood defence strategies. So, you’ll work with environmentally responsible teams who are always pushing research and innovation.

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At AtkinsRéalis you can make the world a better place restoring vital ecosystems, incorporating environmentally-responsible features and processes, and promoting sustainability. You’ll work in teams that use the latest environmental research and methods – and because of our size and influence, what you achieve can drive industry-wide change. When we conserve biodiversity and rejuvenate habitats we’re also helping our clients and their communities conserve valuable drinking water supplies.

Work on projects that all make a direct difference to human health. We create all kinds of drinking water solutions from installing wells in rural communities to engineering and building sophisticated seawater desalination plants. You can also gain experience maximizing groundwater resources.

Ensuring steady access to clean water can be a major challenge. Work with clients to overcome challenges linked to ageing infrastructure, service interruptions and system leaks. There are opportunities in all aspects of water transportation and distribution – from designing new pipelines, to rehabilitating existing infrastructure, to using technology that changes the way clients measure their water supplies.

Wastewater is a byproduct of domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural activities. It creates potential issues for the environment that our clients work to combat. Join teams who make a difference to our future by helping to reduce, contain, treat and return wastewater.

Find opportunities in feasibility, project proposals, environmental impact assessments and elements governing design. Our wastewater engineers help plant owners run efficient plants while ensuring complete environmental protection. From air quality and odor control, to spill control and composting, to bio-solid treatment and recycling.

Our teams work hard to find new ways to use sludge, such as recouping energy from bio-solids. Opportunities will take you all over the world helping clients to improve infrastructure and environmental health for their communities.

Pipes, pumps, sewers and ditches make up the core of water collection systems. But managing waste and run-off is also about helping city planners manage water collection systems sustainably. Many of our city water networks were built generations ago. They weren’t designed for today’s populations or the changes cause by global warming. You can work alongside teams who help to predict and prevent blockages, breakages or flooding using digital forecasting. Gain experience building systems that warn of significant floods and save millions of lives developing emergency plans.

Rivers, dams and reservoirs are critical to our lives as a source of water and food – as well as sites for leisure activities. Join us and get involved with rehabilitation, design of waterways structures, navigation, hydropower development, water supply and recreational facilities. Our teams employ experts including geomorphologists, hydraulic modelers, water quality scientists, environmental scientists and landscape architects.

Join a business whose port development services are as comprehensive as any in the world. Whether developing master plans, permitting, financial services, hydrographic surveying or computer modelling you’ll work with teams who bring top expertise and experience to a complex, evolving industry. There are also opportunities in assessing market potential, designing dredging programs, cruise and cargo terminals and related facilities like warehouses and wharves.

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