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09 April 2020

President's Awards Winner Jyothsna is putting collaboration centre stage

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Meet Jyothsna, Project Manager and one of our young, rising talents at Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Jyothsna was initially contracted to work for one of our key clients in Norway on a short-term basis. Hitting the ground running, she delivered impressive results. These led to the client extending her role for up to eight years when awarding us a new contract worth over £1m. 

The President's Awards judges were blown away by Jyothsna's professional attitude, superior communication skills and remarkable ability to inspire collaboration. By going above and beyond, she has become crucial in achieving our strategic business goals in Norway. 

We recently caught up with her to hear her perspective...


How did you come to be part of Atkins?

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I've been with Atkins since 2011. After graduating as a civil engineer in Bangalore, I joined the Global Design Centre (GDC) in India as a Graduate Permanent way engineer (Track) in rail solutions which is a part of Transportation business. I now have a master's degree in Transport and Business Management and a proud alma-mater from Imperial College London and University College London. Atkins has supported me to grow in the direction of my interests. Last year, I completed a Professional milestone of  getting a Chartered Engineer (CEng) accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Highways & Transport (CIHT), UK.

What do you love about Atkins?

The best part for me is the exposure to global cultures and engineering practices that have transformed me into a holistic engineer .I've had clients in the UK, Scandinavia, Asia Pacific, and America. Some of the locations I've been based in include India, UK, Denmark and Norway. I've explored and overcome cultural and language barriers to deliver the best results to clients.

What do you do at Atkins?

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Since March 2019, I've been on secondment with Bybanen Utbygging (Bergen Light) as Engineering Design Manager. My main responsibility involves engineering management with a focus on track (Permanent Way) specialization and a strong emphasis on integrated system design. This role offers me with a whole new area of experience in terms of procurements, construction, planning, dealing with suppliers and contractors along with my role as Project Manager in Atkins Denmark.

What area of your work excites you?

I am deeply interested in using my client-side experience to make a difference in understanding future projects at Atkins from consultant/client perspectives.

How is collaboration central to what you do at Atkins?

"No man (or woman) is an island."

Nowhere is this more evident than in our careers. In most professional roles, we meet people from various cultures, work alongside them, make deals with them. Interacting with people, building and nurturing relationships has become an integral part of our professions. Fortunately for me, networking and collaborative working is something I enjoy. - I find it energizing to interact and work with people.

"As a Project Manager, I am a collaborator."

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At my client-side role, I must work closely with contractors, suppliers, authorities and design organizations to come up with the best possible solutions, technically and financially. When it is important to look at financial aspects of business, it is equally important to build long term relationships with all stakeholders.
"In my opinion, we are 'one Atkins.'"

To get a competitive edge in the market, collaboration is central. At Atkins, we have  -skill sets based in different locations. To deliver exceptional results to our clients, it is imperative to overcome geographical barriers and  utilize our best resources across the world. This helps in expanding our team's potential to our clients. 

How does your team's diversity contribute to your work positively?

I have worked in various locations outside of my home country. I love working strongly together in diverse environments. It's interesting to be in an inclusive workplace, I enjoy learning from people who have different perspectives, ideas and experiences to me. I'm free to cultivate and adopt some of the good things I learn, and let go of others.

"I've been inspired by diverse leaders."

Women role-models within and outside Atkins have encouraged me to work hard, persevere and believe that the sky is the limit. I love the Atkins platform, where we meet people, clients, create connections, and build long-lasting relationships. This has helped me understand my work, peers and clients better. 

"I strongly believe building a collaborative and diverse environment identifies opportunities, and also provides motivation, improving collective knowledge for the long term."

What has Atkins helped you discover about yourself?

Atkins has helped me discover my strengths and uniqueness as a professional and channel these characteristics to become a strong, empathetic engineering manager. I believe in leading by example and to inspire the younger generation. Atkins has helped me understand that, 'little drops of water make the ocean mighty' and that all our  actions and work are equally important to a larger organization success. .

How does your voice matter at Atkins?

Being candid and approachable by nature has helped me grow in Atkins. After spending more than six years in a purely technical role I sought to move up the ladder and challenge myself to gain more management and multi-disciplinary experience. When I voiced it out proactively years ago, I was heard. I had the opportunities to work on construction site in the UK and direct client interface for various other projects within Atkins. Along with core responsibilities, I was actively involved in several activities and held roles like , Graduate Forum representative, Institute represented for the Institute of Civil Engineers and STEM ambassador in the early days of my career.

How are your teams thriving together at Atkins?

A few years ago, I worked as an interface manager between Atkins Denmark and GDC, and we achieved good results together. I am a part of a wonderful team at Atkins Denmark and we are constantly looking at exploring opportunities to learn from each other, help each other at difficult times and collaborate with teams across Atkins.  Also, it is very important we keep ourselves motivated to inspire and leave a good legacy for generations to come to choose niche field like Railways and STEM subjects in general.

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