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Insights Rail Consultant Russel on sustaining connections

Mental Health Awareness Week: Thriving together in Denmark

It's Mental Health Awareness Week, and we're asking colleagues how they look after their well-being at work. Russel is one of our Railway specialists at Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group. As a "track" leader on railway projects, he writes tender material for clients, and collaborates with other disciplines on track-related technical issues.

How do you feel supported in your demanding role?

I'm fortunate that my managers support me whenever I ask for help or need resources for a project. If I ever feel overwhelmed by work, they help by reassigning some of my tasks. Also, I have quite a bit of freedom when it comes to flexible working, making it easier to plan my everyday life.

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Making Life Work Better Category
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Even when it's the most dreadful day for a site visit, it's always great having your manager there to support you. It's a reminder that we're all under the same umbrella, and we stand together. We can even make time to have a bit of fun, like taking a picture for the office scrapbook. This makes my life better at work!

In Great Company Category
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In simple terms – Atkins Denmark feels like a family. I have great colleagues around me. They're good at lending a hand when you need help. The collective level of knowledge is high, so there's always someone who can answer your questions. We also have many people in our team who have been there more than ten or even twenty years! It means you can get to know people on a more personal level, making it easier to ask for help.

How have you and your colleagues looked after each other's Mental Health during the pandemic?

Our project teams have many meetings on Skype or Teams to discuss anything we have on our minds. We keep up a constant dialogue on project-related stuff. I try to reach out on a personal level as well. Connecting on non-work related issues helps us support each other's well-being.

During the pandemic months, how have you been able to #ConnectWithNature?

I live in the city with very little nature surrounding me. So, I just go out for walks, appreciating the urban wildlife. It really has highlighted how important green spaces are for healthier and happier cities.

What makes the Track Department a great place to be?

We're quite a social bunch in the Track Department. Even though we have team members in two office locations, 300 km apart, we try to arrange events a couple of times a year. It's often combined with something of a professional nature, but always with a big social element. I'm looking forward to when we all get together again to have some fun!

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