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Insights What are the three responsibilities of an environmental project manager?

Have you ever wondered what an environmental project manager does when working on a project? This article details the three primary responsibilities of environmental project managers.

More Canadian construction projects are hiring environmental project managers and environmental planners than ever. These professionals have a deep understanding of ecological issues and know which preventative measures to implement and how to best steward the natural world. Additionally, they have the necessary organizational and management skills to inspire and lead teams of people.

Environmental stewardship skills and management prowess make environmental project managers a vital part of any construction project. This is especially true in a country like Canada with such complex environmental considerations. They can help reduce emissions, prevent water contamination, plan for climate change, and work with local Indigenous groups.

The three main responsibilities of environmental project managers

Environmental project managers observe construction sites, report on what they find, and coordinate with other construction professionals. In addition to these responsibilities, environmental project managers also identify key stakeholders and manage their expectations throughout the entire project lifespan.

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1-Observing construction sites

Environmental project managers are responsible for many observational tasks, including conducting thorough site investigations with a specific eye to environmental concerns. After observing the site, they use their extensive knowledge to audit the technical quality of the ongoing work to ensure it meets Canadian environmental standards while still adhering to the project brief.

Similarly, they observe the work of junior staff to ensure all work is completed to the highest standards and mentor them to achieve these standards in future projects.

2 - Reporting on findings

After the observational period, those in environmental project management jobs compile their findings into detailed reports, both internally and externally. These reports require high-level written communication skills, which are a must for all construction project management jobs.

Environmental project managers analyze environmental progress reports and ensure that their findings match the written records and prepare the budget and financial reports for their employers. They also complete all necessary environmental permit application submissions and submit them to relevant institutions, and draft environmental protection and mitigation plans that address all relevant stakeholder concerns.

3 – Coordinating with other construction professionals

Environmental project managers at AtkinsRéalis liaise with all other construction professionals working on a particular project. This gives them a holistic view of the entire project and helps them understand how to best protect the environment while meeting stakeholder needs.

They work with external scientists, engineers, all other regulators, suppliers, fieldwork coordinators, subcontractors, and other environmental professionals to help keep the project on track. Therefore, environmental project managers need to have strong verbal communication skills, which benefit all project management careers.

Working with AtkinsRéalis Lavalin as an environmental project manager

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