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Insights Celebrating an inclusive culture at Atkins India: Atkins Premier League 2023

At Atkins India, we strongly believe in empowering and unlocking the complete potential of our team members. We not only encourage and enable them to make a tangible difference and contribute to the development of a better future through engineering but also support their participation in activities that foster a sense of pride and fulfilment. 

We firmly hold the belief that the possibilities within our organization are boundless, and we are committed to offering comprehensive exposure in every dimension. A testament to this is the APL - Atkins Premiere League, an exciting in-house cricket tournament extravaganza. 

APL 2023: Celebrating Cricketing Excellence 

The APL stands as a testament to our commitment to comprehensive exposure and employee engagement. By organizing APL, we reinforce the sense of belonging, teamwork, and friendly competition that align with our core values

The mere mention of Atkins Premiere League or the APL brings a sense of excitement among the cricket enthusiasts at Atkins. This year it was no different - an absolute blast! The tournament spanned over a period of two months and brought together some of the finest cricket talent from the company. The enthusiasm and passion displayed by the participants made the event truly remarkable. 

The matches, winners, and unforgettable moments 

The APL 2023 featured a total of 24 players in the men's category and 12 players in the women's category. The cricketing extravaganza consisted of 23 thrilling matches, including 18 league matches, 3 super knockout matches, 1 semi-final, and 1 final. 

The matches were spread across different venues, adding to the excitement. Our journey for the final matches began at the BiCC Infinity Cricket Ground, where both Ground 1 and Ground 2 witnessed action-packed matches on the opening and closing days of the tournament. The City Railway Station Cricket Ground hosted the matches on the second day, creating an electrifying atmosphere. 

A total of twelve teams participated in the Atkins Premier League, each one determined to prove their mettle on the cricket field. The Infra Royal Strikers, FSS Falcons, Transportation Challengers, ME Super Kings, N&P Masters, Transportation Master Blaster, InfraDian XI Warriors, IT Challengers, NNB Power Packs, PPMS Panthers, HR Yodha, and Transportation Avengers showcased their skills in pursuit of victory.

After weeks of 18 League Matches, we reached the pinnacle of the tournament. The grand finale featured the Infra Royal Strikers against the N&P Masters. The match was an intense nail-biting encounter that had everyone on the edge of their seats. 

From electrifying matches to awe-inspiring performances, the event encapsulated the spirit of cricket and the vibrant culture fostered within our organization. These exceptional moments of skill and sportsmanship exemplify the dedication, collaboration, and integrity that underpin AtkinsRéalis 's values.

Winners – Team Infra Royal Strikes

The Infra Royal Strikers set a formidable target by scoring 107 runs, losing only 2 wickets. In response, the N&P Masters faced the daunting task of achieving 108 runs to secure the championship. However, they could only manage 77 runs, losing 8 wickets in the process. The Infra Royal Strikers emerged as the champions of the inaugural season of APL, winning by a convincing margin of 30 runs. It was a remarkable performance by the team.

The team's victory in the inaugural season of APL 2023 stands as a testament to our commitment to achieving outstanding results. Whether that is in the form of delivering exceptional results to our clients on global projects or on the cricket field.

Atkins Premier League winners

Recognizing Outstanding Performances

Rachith Shankarappa deserves a special mention for his outstanding contribution to the finals. He scored a blistering 57 runs in just 21 balls, exhibiting a remarkable strike rate of 271.43. His innings, comprising of 4 fours and 5 sixes, were instrumental in guiding the Infra Royal Strikers to victory. As a result, Rachith Shankarappa was deservedly awarded the Player of the Match in the finals.

Integrity and Sportsmanship on the Field 

While the Infra Royal Strikers emerged as the winners, the N&P Masters showcased great resilience and skill throughout the tournament. They were the worthy runners-up, displaying excellent teamwork and sportsmanship. The IT Challengers were recognized with the Fair Play Award for upholding the spirit of the game and playing fairly throughout the tournament. 

Vinay, representing the team, collected the award on behalf of the IT Challengers. Their demonstration of integrity and sportsmanship serves as an inspiration to all participants, aligning with our core value of integrity.

Atkins Premier League team

Atkins Premier League winner

Player of the Tournament (Male) – Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar was awarded the Player of the Tournament in the male category for his exceptional performance. Anil scored a total of 181 runs in 6 matches, displaying consistency and brilliance in his batting.

Atkins Premier League Player of the Tournament

Player of the Tournament (Female) – Sindhu Rani

In the female category, Sindhu Rani was crowned the Player of the Tournament. She showcased her talent and determination, scoring 27 runs in 4 matches, making a significant contribution to her team's success.

Atkins Premier League Player of the Tournament

Sindhu, Assistant Engineer, who is glad to be a part of Nuclear New Build for the past five years, expresses her gratitude for getting the opportunity to play for the organization and support the corporate hardball game.

While Rajasekhar, who works in the Nuclear and Power team says that the inclusion of women players in the team is a significant step towards promoting gender equality. 

Her presence and success in the tournament are a testament to our commitment to promoting gender equality and diversity. Similarly, Rajasekhar acknowledges the significance of women's inclusion in the team, which reflects our dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

He also feels that opportunities like APL foster a sense of work-life balance and well-being.

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The Atkins Premier League was a grand success, filled with thrilling moments, outstanding performances, and a true celebration of the spirit of cricket. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the teams, players, and individuals who made the tournament a memorable experience. The APL not only showcased the cricketing prowess within our company but also fostered camaraderie, teamwork, and friendly competition.

The tournament's celebration of our inclusive culture, coupled with exceptional cricketing performances, showcased our dedication to embracing Atkins’ values and creating an environment that supports our employees' personal and professional growth.

If you’re looking forward to joining a truly inclusive organization with exciting career opportunities, then explore our wide range of options and apply for a job in India today.