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Insights Engineering Net Zero across our world

With Engineering Net Zero (ENZ), AtkinsRéalis is forming a partnership with our planet to guide clients, projects and communities to a Net Zero Carbon future.

Meet Tom, a Sustainability and Carbon Consultant Tom helps to deliver two of our core service lines, Net-Zero strategy and carbon management. Based in Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group, he helps our clients reach their sustainability objectives. He is also an ambassador for environmental performance and carbon literacy. 

Through our net-zero strategy work, Tom helps organizations understand their carbon footprint and existing legislation. From there, his team supports them to plot routes to achieve their net-zero commitments. 

Our carbon management service analyses the entire life cycle of projects. Tom and his team identify carbon hotspots and implement innovative solutions to minimize projects' carbon footprint through industry-leading digital tools and professional standards.

image of Tom smiling

What excites you most about Net Zero?

I was drawn to the Net Zero sphere space as an enthusiastic environmentalist who wanted to 'do my bit.' And also because I see it as the most innovative and exciting industry across the world! 

Global, leading-edge technologies are being developed and rolled out to tackle this international challenge, which means I'm constantly learning. Furthermore, net-zero is all-encompassing – everything must decarbonize. 

The variety of work available to me is incredibly varied and touches all industries. So, every day presents new challenges and tremendous opportunities.  

What Net Zero Projects are you involved in?

I'm currently working on two large projects. The first is supporting the Environment Agency (EA) Flood and Coastal Risk Management Net Zero Roadmap Project. 

We're acting across three workstreams focused on making the EA a net-zero organization by 2030. I'm supporting the Investment Choices workstream triallingtrialing a shadow programme that factors in carbon (alongside cost) into the annual programme prioritization. 

I'm also seconded into Scottish Water's (SW) Zero Emissions Team. I provide strategic support and technical analysis to decarbonize the capital programme and meet the SW 2040 net-zero target.  

What's happening in your team?

Our fortnightly team calls are genuinely motivating and empowering. Everyone's contribution is listened to, encouraged and valued. I find it exciting to hear and share the exciting work within the team. We're tackling decarbonization challenges across multiple industries and making measurable impacts! 

Which aspect of your Net-Zero work is bringing you the most pride?

Lately, I've enjoyed using big data to identify previously hidden carbon hotspots within large projects. It has led to carbon reductions that would otherwise not have been realized. With the plethora of digital tools such as IoT devices, machine learning, etc., we can analyze operations and activities in a way not possible before. 

How will Net Zero change the way we live and work?

In a Net-Zero tomorrow, everything has to be different – one of the many reasons this is such an exciting space to live and work in! Concerning how I live and work, the only difference will be that I will be steered by guidance that I would otherwise give to clients through my work. 

The net-zero agenda will influence how we carry out energy-consuming activities in the most carbon-efficient way. Through cultural changes, it will affect certain energy-dense pursuits that will no longer be acceptable. I truly believe these changes will also bring about many other social, environmental and economic benefits.  

How would YOU like to see things change by 2030?

I'm most interested in Energy and Community. It was my concern for the climate that led me to work in Energy. And I appreciate the enormity of the challenge for the sector: from building renewables at a rate we've never seen before to learning how to balance a renewably-led grid throughout the year. 

I am also very interested in how our communities will evolve during the transition to a net-zero future. The way we move around, our activities, and the food we eat will all change in the years to come. And I believe we'll all become better connected and healthier than ever! 

Why do you believe in Engineering Net Zero?

AtkinsRéalis already has an incredibly cohesive and supportive net-zero team working on exciting projects and driving change across industries. We also have a rapidly growing capability to work with more clients and embed sustainability across all work areas. 
I am also empowered by the rapidly growing awareness around sustainability. Every day I have new conversations about sustainability with colleagues and clients who bring a bright enthusiasm to the net-zero challenge. It's inspiring to see and hear more people becoming engaged in the climate conversation on a daily basis. 

What are you hoping to learn personally or corporately?

Many of the current Net-Zero methodologies, solutions and technologies have not been in place for long, so their benefits haven't been fully realized. I want to holistically capture what is happening across the net-zero industry to learn which solutions deliver the best results across environmental, social and economic factors. This will enable me to make the most effective impact on the projects I work on

Join us on our journey

Want to get involved in engineering a better future? You can read all about how we're Engineering Net Zero. Alternatively, if you're ready to make your next career move and help us formulate energy-consuming activities in the most carbon-efficient way, browse our civil engineering jobs, electrical engineering jobs or browse all vacancies.