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Insights 4 top reasons to join our Networks & Drainage team

We aren't just engineers, environmental professionals, or consultants. We're pioneers, constantly innovating and pushing boundaries to tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges – especially when it comes to water. From enhancing our beautiful rivers and urban landscapes to building sustainable cities in the harshest environments – our Networks & Drainage Solutions (N&DS) team is at the forefront.

In this blog, Practice Director Jo House shares 4 Reasons Why You Should Join Her Team:

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1. The water industry is booming, and so are we!

"Water represents the most fundamental need to all humanity, the environment and ecology. The N&DS Practice provides technical disciplines at the industry's cutting edge. One cannot escape the press that water receives. Whether improving our beautiful rivers, enhancing our urban landscape or developing new sustainable cities in the most arid places in the world, N&DS are the providers of solutions to the earth's most significant challenges.

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"Over the next two to 10 years, we plan to expand the practice rapidly to meet our clients' objectives. We're developing enhanced training courses to accelerate our staff resource capability. It means great futures for both young and experienced colleagues."

   Jo House, practice Director (N&DS)

2. Enjoy top water industry career opportunities        

The opportunities in our practice to grow as an individual are immense. You'll receive mentorship from the outstanding leaders we have within the team. Many of them are recognized as industry leaders, borne out by the fact that we operate on premium projects including HS2 or Sizewell C, and with all the biggest water companies in the UK or new and exciting overseas projects.

3. With AtkinsRéalis, you'll be in great company 

Because the practice is growing rapidly, we're helping colleagues at all levels progress better and quicker than our competitors. Everyone on the team believes that people who are happy at work perform better – and that benefits everyone and everything – employees, innovation, the planet and the organization. So, Inside AtkinsRéalis, we'll ensure you flourish in an atmosphere that excites you and provides you with the work you want to do. And, as we operate in such a wide variety of disciplines, you'll have the chance to try different things, working out what type of work you enjoy most and what career direction best suits you.

We're a diverse team where you can bring your authentic self to work, equally enjoying fulfilling and rewarding opportunities.

4. You can be proud of your positive, sustainable impact.

It gives me immense pleasure to say I work for AtkinsRéalis. Many of the most exciting projects in the world have our stamp on them. From complexity, size, ingenuity and variety, AtkinsRéalis has them all. 

Our projects enhance the environment, providing enormous benefits to health and wellbeing while solving the environmental problems we face with sustainable, low-carbon solutions for climate change. Want to work on projects that are solving our water, environmental and ecological problems while having fun and exploring the digital World? AtkinsRéalis is the place for you. Quite simply, we do not do normal, run-of-the-mill things – we do the most challenging things. That's why we need the best people who want to engineer better and become the next generation of highly skilled engineers and environmental professionals".   

                          - Jo House, Practice Director, Networks & Drainage Solutions

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