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Insights What is project engineering and what is a project engineer?

In the dynamic world of engineering and project management, the role of a Project Engineer stands out as a key player in bringing visions to life. 

At AtkinsRéalis, we understand the pivotal role project engineers play in shaping the future, and we're excited to shed light on what it means to be a Project Engineer with us. 

Project engineer role overview 

At AtkinsRéalis, the role of a Project Engineer is not just a profession; it's a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and shaping a future where engineering excellence meets global impact.

Project engineers lead multi-disciplinary project delivery, ensuring compliance with design intent and fostering effective communication within project teams. 

Project engineer responsibilities 

Here are some of the responsibilities of a project engineer at AtkinsRéalis: 

  • Primary engineering activities - manage primary engineering activities from project/tender initiation to the As-Built stage and adhere strictly to project specifications
  • Coordinate within the engineering team - spanning both local and global dimensions, internal and external partners, sub-suppliers, secondary engineers, and civil engineers to ensure seamless project execution through effective communication and coordination.
  • Electrical engineering mastery - engineer various equipment packages crucial to project success, including Switchgear, Transformers, Reactors, Hardware & fittings, CT/VT/SA, HV/MV/LV cables and demonstrate a deep understanding of GIS, transformers, and substation engineering practices up to 400kV.
  • Contribution to sustainability - actively contribute to sustainability goals by integrating renewable energy solutions, implementing eco-friendly infrastructure, and adhering to stringent quality assurance and HSSE standards.
  • Effective communication - contribute to monthly reports, produce technical queries, and positively influence project delivery teams.

Project engineer skills

A project engineer at AtkinsRéalis embodies a diverse skill set essential for navigating the complexities of transformative projects

  • Exceptional coordination skills come into play as they oversee various projects and supervise field representatives and office personnel. 
  • Strong computer skills are a prerequisite, enabling the utilization of standard office software for effective project management. 
  • Adaptability and a problem-solving mindset are crucial, especially for those engaged in technical aspects, such as FDOT projects, where familiarity with industry-specific requirements is preferred. 
  • Effective communication is a hallmark skill, fostering collaboration with global and local teams, internal and external partners, and stakeholders.

Project engineering jobs at AtkinsRéalis

If you are passionate about contributing to transformative projects, shaping the future through engineering excellence, and being part of a global team that values innovation and collaboration, AtkinsRéalis is the ideal destination for your career aspirations. 

At AtkinsRéalis, we offer more than just a job; we provide a platform for professional growth, a commitment to sustainability, and a collaborative work culture that fosters creativity and impact. 

Explore our project engineering job opportunities and become a part of a team that's dedicated to shaping a future where engineering meets global significance by signing up for our job alerts