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Insights How the New Murabba project is contributing to Saudi Vision 2030

By implementing reforms in the public sector and wider society, the KSA’s Vision 2030 has greatly improved government efficiency, bringing about new growth and investment opportunities.

What is Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia?

Unveiled in 2016, Saudi Vision 2030 is a long-term visionary roadmap focusing on transformative economic and social reform. This groundbreaking blueprint aims to open up Saudi Arabia to the world by building a digital, knowledge-based economy thus moving the country away from its reliance on oil exports. 

Anchored in sustainability, job creation, and economic diversification, Saudi Vision 2030 has spurred the development of cutting-edge infrastructure across the nation. The New Murabba Project in Riyadh is just one of many ventures that aligns closely with KSA’s vision. 

Announced in 2023 and managed by the New Murabba Development Company (NMDC), New Murabba, Saudi Arabia is set to be an iconic modern downtown with the cutting-edge landmark, the Mukaab situated within. 

Here at AtkinsRéalis, we’re on the same page as the KSA when it comes to engineering a better future for our planet and its people, that’s why we’re searching for passionate professionals to contribute to this state-of-the-art project

Saudi Vision 2030 and New Murabba

Pioneered in line with Saudi Vision 2030, New Murabba is just one of many Saudi Arabia mega projects that focus on forging global partnerships to shape a sustainable and technologically advanced future in the nation. 

Three main pillars demonstrate New Murabba’s contribution to the objectives of Vision 2030: economic diversification, job creation, and sustainable development.

Economic diversification

Reducing the nation’s reliance on fossil fuel dominance strengthens its economy against commodity fluctuations and external geopolitical factors. With 14 million square meters of office space, and over 980,000 square meters of retail space among just a few of the features of New Murabba, it’s clear to see how the region will support economic diversification.

Significant progress has already been made on the groundwork for the Mukaab, making it attractive for global inventors seeking to be part of innovative development as well as experts looking for a revolutionary career with meaning. 

Job creation

Economic diversification brings with it new job opportunities in the region, another focal point of Saudi Vision 2030. 

By enhancing Riyadh’s future development, New Murabba City is forecast to add SAR180 billion to non-oil GDP and create 334,000 direct and indirect jobs, something AtkinsRéalis is proud to be lending our expertise to. At this meeting point of innovation and culture, there are countless opportunities to learn from leaders to shape Riyadh’s future, all while being a key figure in a sustainable work environment. 

Sustainable development

Moving away from an oil-dominated economy is an integral part of Saudi Vision 2030. Not only is this advantageous for job creation and economic diversification, but it also intersects with the Saudi Green Initiative. New Murabba is a central part of the nation’s revolutionary fight against climate change, tying in with KSA’s Net Zero commitments

As a seamlessly designed modern downtown centered around sustainability and innovative technology, New Murabba fuses creativity, entrepreneurship, and progress with nature’s beauty. 

Engineered as a 15-minute downtown, everything is a short walk or ride away. Filled with urban greenery, natural trails, car-free areas, and fully pedestrianized zones, New Murabba is leading the way in Saudi Arabia’s efforts to address climate change and reach Net Zero.

Help build a greener future in New Murabba, Saudi Arabia with AtkinsRéalis 

The New Murabba project stands as a beacon of progress, aligning closely with Saudi Vision 2030 and its pillars of economic diversification, job creation, and sustainable development. Embracing these pillars places the Riyadh region as the center of innovation, shaping a brighter, greener future. 

We’re seeking passionate professionals to come and join us in this endeavor, together we are engineering a better future for our planet and its people by making the visionary roadmap of Saudi Vision 2030 a reality.

Join AtkinsRéalis in New Murabba, where creativity, entrepreneurship, and progress thrive amidst nature’s beauty and rich culture.