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Insights Surrey’s Fourth Local Transport Plan

Atkins has been working with Surrey County Council (SCC) to respond to the decarbonisation challenge head on and develop a transformational, ambitious Local Transport Plan (LTP4) setting out the roadmap for transport delivery up to 2030 and beyond, to achieve carbon net zero by 2050. The LTP4 is focused on reducing carbon emissions, whilst maintaining a focus on other essential criteria such as the economy and health and wellbeing of residents. This provided the Atkins team made up of transport planners, policy and strategy leads, appraisal specialists and net zero experts, with an unprecedented opportunity to rethink transport across Surrey and look to meet these challenges. We had the opportunity to influence how the local environment, economy and quality of life for residents can be enhanced.

this is a poster for the Local transport plan 2022-2032 for Surrey

​​To achieve rapid decarbonisation, the scope for LTP4 is wider and further reaching than traditional transport plans and includes aspects of land use planning and digital connectivity. The study also involved the development and application of an innovative carbon calculator tool which our carbon appraisal experts developed. This project allowed our more traditional transport planners and our net carbon zero specialists to work together and share and grow their knowledge in supporting this critical agenda.​

This exciting project provided our transport planning team with an opportunity to develop their policy and strategy skills to produce an aspirational, exciting and engaging LTP4. The team learnt some key lessons from this project, which we have recently showcased at a nationwide conference.