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Insights Broadway Causeway Bridge Replacement (US Project Stories)

Hi, my name is David Konz, I'm a Senior Technical Manager and have been with Atkins 11 years. 

The project started in April 2022 selection – present (anticipated 8 years of consulting) and is located in Town of Bay Harbord Islands, FL (near Miami). It was being completed to improve safety and mobility for this hurricane evacuation route, the 71-year old bascule bridge will be replaced. The existing 4-lane structure has 10-ft lanes with 2-ft shoulders and a sidewalk that is 26” wide at the narrowest point. It has impacted the community by increasing the quality of life for commuters, tourists, and regional recreational visitors. 

A shared-use-path and dedicated bike lanes are planned for the new crossing. Additionally, sea-level rise, resiliency, and sustainability will be incorporated into each stage of the project development.

image of a proposed highway

My personal highlight of this project is that in just 5 weeks, our capture team prepared a 180-page proposal and full 3D Visualization video utilizing GTC and "round the clock" progress calls.  

The speed of the proposal required a nimble team that was open to new ideas that could bring the concept to life in a way that the client could engage. What was initially viewed as a $500k maintenance project, now has Atkins providing “concept to ribbon cutting” on a $160 million bridge over the Intercoastal waterway. The teamwork and individual effort on display was tremendous! One example was the development of the proposal cover by the GTC, with an Art Deco theme aligned with the adjacent community architecture.