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Insights What are the most in-demand architectural roles in the Middle East?

The Middle East’s built environment is accelerating at a ground-breaking pace and is building its reputation as a region that offers fantastic opportunities in the construction industry, particularly for architecture professionals. The Middle East has an outstanding cultural heritage and is in the midst of a dramatic transformation with projects such as Saudi Vision 2030 spearheading a new environment that is inclusive, diverse and vibrant.

Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group, is strengthening its presence and design and engineering services on projects in the Middle East, which are on a scale previously unseen in any other region. We are following our global Net Zero Carbon route map and focusing on urban improvement, infrastructure, and related projects to meet the needs of the country’s growing mixed-use developments.

Here, we take a look at which roles within architecture are most in-demand in the Middle East.

Landscape architect

Landscape architects play a major role in producing innovative and picturesque environments for a region's residents. Most importantly, all work must be planned with carbon emissions and the environment in mind, which is in line with the Middle East’s drive on sustainability. 

The Middle East is experiencing a rapid influx of large projects, which offer a multitude of exciting opportunities for talented landscape architects. The Red Sea Project, for example, received substantial green financing investment and is the first of its type to be executed in the region.

The Middle East’s focus on sustainability means that these large projects will require intricate external design, producing a spike in demand for landscape architecture skills.

Urban Designer

As the Middle East continues its drive of building new and innovative infrastructure, architects and urban designers are tasked with finding solutions that will ensure liveability for current residents and future generations. Considering the numerous mental and physical health impacts associated with urban living, urban designers are having more of an influence in the Middle East.

The Middle East is in the midst of a push on improving the quality of life of its residents, and with projects such as Saudi Arabia’s Quality of Life Program, urban designers are essential to its success.

One of the main features of urban design is that it impacts residents’ day-to-day lives, which is imperative for any country in the midst of a transformation.

For example, crowded streets, poorly designed roads, and lack of street lighting can contribute to more stress and negatively impact mental health. However, a well-designed city with excellent transport and amenities can contribute to a positive lifestyle and have a substantial impact on the economy. The weather in the Gulf region is another factor that is taken into consideration and the often harsh summer climate must shape the design of streets and leisure spaces.

Architect planner

The Middle East is home to some of the most creative and prestigious architectural designs, including palaces, skyscrapers, and man-made islands. The built environment is continuing to grow in the region, creating opportunities for both experienced and graduate architect planners to pursue long and successful careers using innovative technologies.

Architectural planning is essential to ensuring that the development of communities and infrastructure is efficient, with each stage of architecture meticulously thought out. Architect planners oversee much of the design and development processes for the construction of city infrastructure and the Middle East is in need of skilled professionals in this area.

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At AtkinsRéalis , we are always looking for the next talented pool of architects to contribute to our range of exciting projects. With our broad range of expertise and our experience in multi-discipline, complex projects, Atkins is one of the strongest international construction consultancies in the region. We are looking for ambitious individuals to join our diverse teams and help us continue driving innovation and creating efficiencies to win and deliver work in the Middle East.

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