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Insights Get to Know Mustafa Saleh, the Specialist in Occupational Health and Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is a key priority at AtkinsRéalis, and at the heart of our efforts is Mustafa Saleh, our Employee Wellbeing Specialist. Mustafa plays a crucial role in promoting and preserving the mental, emotional, and physical wellness of our team members. We recently sat down with Mustafa to learn more about his role and how he supports the overall health and wellness of our colleagues.

Introduce yourself and what is your role in the company? 

Hi, I'm Mustafa Saleh, the Employee Wellbeing Specialist at AtkinsRéalis. My main focus is on promoting and preserving the mental, emotional, and physical wellness of our team. I provide resources, support, and interventions to enhance various aspects of employee wellbeing, including stress management, mental health, physical fitness, and nutrition. Additionally, I strive to foster strong relationships with our employees and cultivate a culture of wellbeing throughout the organization. 

How does an employee working in wellbeing support the overall health and wellness of their colleagues? 

Firstly, maintaining a positive attitude and respecting my colleagues is essential, which means avoiding negative gossip and speaking kindly even in challenging situations. Secondly, effective communication plays a crucial role. I actively listen and express myself respectfully, striving for open dialogue and understanding of others' perspectives. 

What are some challenges faced by you while working in wellbeing? 

I support our employees' wellbeing by promoting a simple approach - understanding our own bodies. By paying attention to the signals our bodies send us, we can make informed decisions about our health, prevent illness or injury, and promote overall wellbeing. This includes educating our staff about proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and being aware of any changes or symptoms as we age. By actively caring for our bodies, we can continuously improve our health and quality of life. 

Do you have any self-care practices that help improve your overall sense of wellbeing? 

Throughout my career, I've faced challenges that have helped me grow personally and professionally. One significant hurdle was adapting to a new work culture when I transitioned to a different company. It required patience and effort to learn and integrate myself into the new environment. This experience taught me the valuable lesson of avoiding comparisons to the past and embracing the present opportunities. It's important to appreciate what we have and not get stuck in the past. 

I have encountered several challenges throughout my career that have helped me grow personally and professionally. One of the most significant hurdles I faced was adapting to a new work culture when I switched companies. Initially, I needed help adjusting to the new environment and understanding the different ways of doing things. However, with patience and effort, I was able to learn quickly and integrate myself into the new work culture. This experience taught me a valuable life lesson - to avoid comparing things to the past. When we compare, we often become fixated on the idea that things were better before and fail to appreciate what we have in the present. While it's natural to reminisce about the past, it's important not to get stuck in it and instead embrace the opportunities and possibilities that exist in the present moment. 

Are there any mental health resources available for employees, and how can they access them if needed? 

To prioritize my own wellbeing, I have developed a routine that has benefited me greatly. I engage in early morning prayer and read the Quran before bedtime. This routine sharpens my cognitive abilities, prepares me for daily challenges, and helps alleviate stress and anxiety before sleep. Mental health is my top priority, so I removed social media apps from my phone which I noticed was negatively impacting my psychological wellbeing. Additionally, to maintain my physical health, I incorporate a daily 45-minute outdoor walk and a dynamic 10-minute stretching session after work. 

Prioritizing employee wellbeing is crucial for creating a positive and supportive work environment. By fostering open communication, providing resources, and promoting self-care practices, AtkinsRéalis supports the mental, emotional, and physical health of its employees, enabling them to access valuable resources and develop their own routines for improved overall wellbeing. To learn more about our wellbeing initiatives, visit our Employee Wellbeing Page.